A project schedule excel timeline is something that is used by many project management professionals. A project timeline chart is something that can make your projects more efficient and effective. In this article, we will take a look at how to create project timeline excel plans, a project timeline example, how to plan using Sinnaps project management software project timeline and a bar chart schedule example.

Project Timeline Excel



What is a Project Timeline Excel Plan?


A bar chart schedule timeline is used as a very important part of the overall project plan. Project timelines are applicable to all industries, companies and types of projects. They help to increase the efficiency of your project management experience. The project schedule excel timeline has been used to plan projects for a long time and allows you to organise your activities, processes and procedures from the start of your project until it’s completion.

A project timeline chart allows you to define the milestones of your project. Milestones are a key component of your project and give you and your project team something to work towards. You can have as many milestones as required in your project. They allow you to visualise your work path and project progress.


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Sinnaps Project Management Timeline


An excel schedule chart allows you to keep all of your project objectives and tasks in one place. A project planning work she timeline helps you to bring your project plan into reality. It allows you to foresee project results depending on the work party you have planned out. A project management timeline reated with Sinnaps project management software comes with extra features to help further advantage its use:


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The critical path is a feature that allows you to define the tasks most critical to successful project completion. A project planning worksheet that includes the CPM method can greatly advantage your project management experience and highlight the tasks that are critical to your specific project.

Resource management features are another example of Sinnaps project timeline chart tools that further enhance your project management. Resources are very important to all types of projects and managing them along the project bar chart plan makes your excel schedule chart more efficient.

Having the ability to monitor your project progress along the Kanban board is very useful especially when you are debating where to create project timeline plans. A Kanban board allows you to validate tasks as they are completed and can also include various communicative tools that allow you and your team members to form a basis of open and consistent communication and a place to discuss ideas and to resolve doubts.


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Project Timeline Example


No matter the size or complexity of your project, a project bath her timeline is an effective way to plan the series of activities and tasks that are required to be completed in a specific order within a specified time. In this way an excel schedule chart can help you to track, plan and visualise the workload of any project that you are completing. The best way to understand its usefulness in project management is to take a look at some project presentation examples.


How to plan a project


Let’s say for example that you are planning a project to open a new bakery. There will be a number of different tasks and activities that will need to be completed as part of the new bakery opening. Some of these tasks may include meeting with the client, buying decorative materials, making contact with potential suppliers and addressing the new bakery staff. You would plan these activities and tasks in order across a project planning worksheet timeline and with this you and your team would be able to see what needs to happen before something else can be started. Here, you will find a simple project plan template in Excel.


Project Schedule Example


Let’s take a look at another project schedule example. Let’s say you and your project team are managing a project around new product launch. Your bath her schedule would include each of the tasks and activities that are required to be completed as part of the new product launch across a timeline calendar structure. This would allow you and your team to clearly visualise what needs to be done, by when and by whom. A bar chart schedule overall makes project work more effective and efficient.


Free Project Schedule Example


Overall project planning worksheet timeline plan is it effective way to plot of the workload of your project and to manage its progress throughout the project life-cycle up. A project bar chart that is effectively put together and that utilises the tools that are offered to its advantage can be the difference between an average project and a great project.

Try planning your projects with the Sinnaps project timeline excel bar chart schedule and let us know what you think in the comments below! 😊

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