No matter if your organization is large or small, understanding how to track projects and the project status is the best way to keep numerous projects on track. Project trackers keep you organized while planning and running projects, in a way that is accurate, predictable, and profitable. It incorporates plans, required tasks and resources, so your project tracker is robust and dynamic.


project tracker


Project Tracker


A project tracker lets you understand where you are in the project by using Earned Value Management. You can monitor how time is being used and make sure it’s not being wasted. One of the best project tracking tools is the project management tracker. The ability to utilize the project status tracking tool provides an instant measurement of project performance.



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Project status tracking lets you move or reallocate resources if and when needed with ease. Sinnaps online project management software project trackers are designed to give you access to all the different areas of a project with ease, allowing you to focus on achieving the project goals and objectives.


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Reporting is an essential function within project management. Sinnaps allows you to export your project to Excel. It will extrapolate the data containing all the general information regarding your project activities, subtasks and responsibilities. Other types of report include the ability to export planned resources to Excel. You can then edit the report from the dashboard the way you need it and then export all the data to Excel. This is ideal when you need the data to fill other Apps or CRMs.


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Project Tracking Software


A project tracking system is in place so you can set up milestones and timelines to easily track your progress. This gives you the functionality to measure both positive and negative outcomes and statuses letting you understand what the next steps are for the project clearly and concisely.

With an online project progress tracker, you can effectively communicate findings and modifications to stakeholders and team members at all locations. Easy access for team members allows them to track their progress when ever they need to. They also have the function to report project progress to executives and stakeholders, help prioritize projects, and ensure all projects support the overall organizational objectives.


Project Tracking with Earned Value Techniques


Earned value is a technique now being widely adopted as part of professional project management. Measure your projects performance in an objective way using standardised parameters. This allows you to see how successfully the tasks are being achieved and where there are areas for improvement.



Sinnaps can calculate not just the earned value of tasks but also of the overall project. By automatically applying the international recognised standards you can make rational decisions on how to adapt or apply changes to a project.


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Project Management office online Timeline Tracker


A timeline tracker will reduce errors and give more visibility over time and cost expectations on Projects. Sinnaps PMO online tracking works by calculating dependencies so that milestones and deadlines aren’t missed. It looks at the total time needed to complete a task and calculates the best critical path and workflows. So if changes need to be made your in the know and are fully prepared.



Test and Plan your Project


Sinnaps also has the added benefit of allowing you to create and test planned simulations without affecting the current project status in Sinnaps test mode. You can test potential scenarios and create simulations enabling you to visually see how the changes are likely to affect the project. You can even run simulations with different project start and end dates. If your new simulation works you can simply substitute the new process for the existing one without any disturbance.

How to create Simulations?



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