Accounting for small business owners is a significant part of managing a business. It is important to effectively manage your costs and your income and to overall determine the tax that is payable by your company. In this article, we will go over small business bookkeeping tips, how to book keep for small business and a simple and best accounting system for small business with the help of Sinnaps project management software.


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What is Small Business Accounting?


After legally register your business, you will need to keep your business income in one place. The first step in small business accounting is to set up a separate business bank account to record your income and make paying tax a more manageable experience. Easy and basic counting for small business begins with determining the requirements of your business. If you are a limited company, partnership or a starting corporation, you are required to have a separate bank account. Sole proprietors or traders are not legally required to have a separate bank account, but we would definitely recommend it.

Straight away after beginning your business activity, you should have an effective system list for organising and managing receipts and any other important records. This is important to know for how to book keep for small business. You can use the system for all of your business activity and if you are managing projects you can also apply this system with effective cost management tools available with project management software such as Sinnaps.


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Small Business Bookkeeping Tips


Small business accountancy can seem like complex task. Online business accounting does not need to be very difficult. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help your small business bookkeeping:


  • Set up a payroll system: By setting up an effective payroll system you can easily keep track of what your employees are getting paid and the system will help to make sure that your employees are getting paid the right amount and on time. This will also give your small business accountancy a reference as to what you have paid your employees throughout the working year.
  • Keep all receipts in one place: In terms of accounting for small business owners, it is essential that you keep all of your business receipts in one place so that they can be found when it is time to declare taxes. This is more of an organisation tip, but one that can help you greatly when the time comes.
  • Research import tax: Basic and easy bookkeeping for small business begins with knowledge and experience. There are a lot of online resources that you could use to research the different tax rates such as import tax which is important to know and apply before you charge your customers. This will help you to avoid tax requirement problems and help you to get things done right the first time.
  • Determine your own tax obligations: Small business accountancy is all about knowing your own tax obligations depending on the type of business you are running and the various factors that come into play. Tax obligations are different for a sole trader and a limited company. They vary across the board and for you to make your online business account in most effective it is important that you are aware of your own tax obligations.


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Simple and Best Accounting System for Small Business


Basic and easy bookkeeping for small business accounting is all about organisation and management. Small business accounting tips can be applied to the overall accounting activity for the business and to smaller business activities such as project management. Let’s take a look at some of the cost management tools offered by Sinnaps project management software:

In terms of how to bookkeep for small business accounting, it is important to keep a record of all information pertaining to the expenses and income of your business or of the project that you are completing. Sinnaps allows you to write up reports instantly and keep them in one place safely.



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One of the best small business accounting tips Is to keep track of your resources. Sinnaps allows you to effectively manage your resources for each task of your project and the overall project as a whole.

Costs are managed efficiently and effectively with the Sinnaps project management app. Your costs are constantly updated with every expenditure and income that your project makes so that you can track cost progress and keep a record of spent costs.


How to do Accounting for Small Business: Cash or Accrual Method


Decisions that are made every day impact the economics of any small business. A proper accounting system will allow you to keep track of these decisions and the money that comes into your business and laser business. This will allow you to have a good view of the company’s financial health.

In terms of how to do accounted for small business, you should first decide on the method that will be used to manage the company’s books. The two most common methods used are cash or accrual accounting. For cash accounting, each transaction is recorded when the cash is actually exchanged and is most suitable for smaller businesses.

With accrual accounting the Transaction is recorded at the time that it happens. For example, if you Bill I’ll client for a service in July it is recorded in accounts receivable in July even though the customer may not actually pay until September. This is known as double entry bookkeeping.


A Control Panel Based on Earned Value (EVM)



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Online and simple accounting for small business activities is a reality. We hope that after reading this article you have found some accounting solutions for small business bookkeeping. Try managing your costs and keeping affective records online in one place with Sinnaps project management software today and let us know what you think in the comments below! 😊


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