It is inimical to the growth of small businesses today to rely on the traditional approach to managing projects, as this no longer gets the job done. Thanks to the internet, there is now an overabundance of sophisticated new processes and small business IT management software that take care of all nitty-gritties of managing a project. Without it, many businesses today would almost certainly fail in its attempt to deliver strategic results.

According to PMI, only about 56% of businesses meet their original business intent and goals.


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Project Management Software for Small Business


To get all the benefits that come with implementing project management techniques in your small business, you’d have to first of all identify which project management methods you can apply to specific tasks in order to further project goals, as well as which ones do not bring much to the table in the less structured, small business environment. In this way, you can create an effective Project Management Approach.

Collaboration is essential in small businesses who cannot afford a well-structured workforce like large enterprises, but rather make use of remote workers from across the globe, they often have to make small business project report.

For such businesses, tools such as Sinnaps online project management, a free small business online software that encourages collaboration, team work and knowledge sharing as a way of encouraging more ideation and creative problem solving are quite essential, while those that entail rigid structures as well as detailed task descriptions would be less helpful.



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Best Small Business Project Management Software


The process of selecting the best project management apps for small business can be overwhelming as well as confusing. This is unfortunately so, considering the number of applications, programs and software that are now available on the internet.

While it may be difficult to find one software that provides complete and perfect solution for all your business needs, there certainly exist one that suit your small business project management needs better.

To help you decide what the best project management software to use in your small business, you must begin by taking a look at the industry that you’re in, and also consider the following factors carefully:

  • Ease of use of the software: The goal of implementing small business production management software is to generally make things easier. This is why one of your areas of primary concern should be on setting up and integrating the software into your business. Also, you must be concerned about how easy it will be to make use of the software: will you constantly need to contact support in order to perform certain basic operations with it?
  • Scalability: It is the desire of every business to grow, which means your business needs as well as customer base won’t remain as it were when you first started out. Is there a possibility that you could run into a scenario where you would have to begin the process of entering data over again, simply because you discovered the platform can no longer support your growing size? When you consider these, you hopefully won’t make the wrong decision.
  • User support: You must research on the level of responsiveness of the support of whatever software company you want to use. This is because, the software is bound to develop certain issues, or even bugs at times. You must be sure that someone will answer when you call for help.
  • Cost: Even though there are lots of free project management tools available for small businesses online, you must determine whether you need a paid or free software. Thus, cost is also a very crucial aspect, one which also requires some level of consideration.


Online Small Business Management Tools


As we have mentioned earlier, there are a multitude of online project management tools you can choose from. Here are a few of them:

  • Basecamp: A very popular project management application on the market, with a variety of features applying to a wide range of business as well as users. Offering both free and paid versions, they’re a rather very reliable company.
  • Asana for small business: This web-based project management tool focusses on helping teams collaborate effortlessly through out every stage of the process. However, Asana is limited for several reasons including the fact that it is focused entirely on the human element of team management, and also requires that several software platforms be run in order to get the most out of its platform. A better alternative to this is Sinnaps.
  • Sinnaps: Quite similar to both Asana and Trello, Sinnaps is a collaboration platform that allow other users such as clients to be invited to participate in a project, and is considered the best task management software for small business. With a complete set of features, Sinnaps is considered a stand-alone software as it does not require its users to run other software platforms before getting the best from its features. Some of its features include time and expense tracking, easy user interface for collaboration between teams, small business project planning template, among others.
  • Others include Casual, Wrike, Active Collab, etc.



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The beginning of a thing is very crucial. You must take the time to consider the various tools and software you wish to deploy for your business. As a small business program manager, spending a little more time analyzing your needs and deciding what your needs are can never be too big an investment.


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