Small business loans bad credit is something no business should strive for. Financing your company is essential in order to keep your head above water and there are many different financing options.



In this article we will take a look at some of these options, small business loans for women, unsecured business loans, as well as some tips and tricks to remember!


How to Get Small Business Loans


In order to find the best small business loans for your company, you need to consider and understand the different options. They are all different and different businesses require different sources as finance. For example, there is a difference between small business loans for veterans and a small business loan for new business. Here is a breakdown of some different financing options:

  • Family and friends: Funding can be obtained by borrowing money from family and friends. This is not always the best option because of the potential for conflict and personal interests but is a good option in terms of little to no interest repayments.  
  • ICO Businesses and entrepreneur lines of credit: This financing fund for SMEs is intended to cover the liquidity needs of medium and small companies, as well as entrepreneurs, regardless of their social or fiscal location.
  • Angel investors: These are sometimes referred to as venture capitalists or small business investors and normally provide capital to entrepreneurs or start-ups in exchange for a stake in the company. This small business line of credit is useful if you want to avoid paying interest and are prepared to give up a portion of control of your business.
  • Risk capital: This is typically used when you require a larger sum of money and when your business is more established. Usually, this is used to expand your business while sharing the risk. The investor typically requires a close partnership with the various shareholders.


Unsecured Business Loans


An unsecured business loan can be acquired in the form of an online small business loan or other form of line of credit. It requires no personal or business asset as collateral. These types of business loans require the borrower to prove their good credit rating and financial history as the risk of giving the loan is higher. Here are some important points to consider as regards unsecured business loans:


  • The lender is aware that the borrower might default. This risk means that a larger repayment amortization is required than on a secured business loan.
  • The borrower is required to provide a detailed cash flow analysis.
  • The loan period is typically shorter than a secured loan.
  • The interest amount depends on the length of the borrowing period.
  • The business cash advance and payday lender types of business loans charge the highest rates of interest.


Small Business Loans for Women


According to data gathered by Kauffman, 40% of new entrepreneurs in the US are now women, and women-owned businesses are growing at double the rate of male-owned businesses. Here are some small business loans for women that can be considered:

  • SBA Loans: These are US Government-guaranteed loans for business owners with great credit.
  • Microloans: This is an example of one of the smaller sources of finance for small business that give up to $50,000 for underserved communities and small business loans for minorities.
  • Online Loans: Short and medium-term loans.
  • Equity Financing Platforms for Women: Some venture capitalists specifically want to invest in women-owned businesses.
  • Crowdfunding Sites for Women: This is one of the more modern business finance solutions for women-led companies.  


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Points to Consider for Funding for a Small Business


When considering funding for a small business, you need to take into account some crucial points. Here is a list of some important considerations to make and questions to ask yourself:

  • How much money will I need? Determine the amount you will require and try not to over-borrow.
  • What are my possibilities for funding? Remember to compare business loans and each of their implications.
  • What is the required documentation? Effective small business financial management is all about consistent documentation. A project planning app such as Sinnaps can help you to create, track and manage important business documents.
  • What factors will be reviewed? These can be your own small business resources, your cash flow, financial history, your forecasts etc.


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The Benefits of a Working Capital Loan


As we have said, there are various types of business loans such as for example, international business loans, an entrepreneur loan and a working capital loan. A working capital loan is used to cover the running of the day-to-day activities of your business. Here are some of its benefits:


  • Easy to obtain
  • Allows business owners to efficiently cover any working capital expenditure gaps.
  • It is a form of debt financing and does not require an equity transaction.
  • Can be unsecured. This type of working capital loan is typically only granted to companies with a high credit rating.


Overall, there are many different financing option and financing programs for small business entities. The important thing to remember is that you’ve done your homework before jumping into something head first, steer clear of high risk business loans and that you’ve properly considered the various implications.

Sinnaps project planning app is an effective tool that you can use to track your research into small business loans and your financing activities. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below! 😊


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