Without mincing words, the workforce is the most valuable asset of every organization because it is responsible for the creation of products and services that meet the needs of the customers which in turn yields profits that drive the growth of the organization.

Furthermore, employees are saddled with the task of converting the organizational goals and objectives into tangible results that provide the desired values to the clients.

However, according to statistics, employees are only productive for 20% of their time while they spend the remaining time undertaking other unproductive tasks. No doubt, this does not augur well for business organizations that place a huge premium on optimum labour productivity and aim to derive the right value from its workforce by leveraging them adequately.


Workforce management software


Hence, business managers must create a platform that drives optimum labour productivity and efficiency of its employees through effective workforce management to obtain great value from them.

Look no further, workforce management software is the ideal solution to overcome this challenge confronting business organizations. It enables you to maximize your productivity by focusing on the productive activities that generate the right results.

Workforce management software ensures effective workforce scheduling and manages the activities of the workers properly by optimizing their operations to yield the desired productivity and efficiency.

It assists business managers in achieving ease in their workforce management strides and it is the secret sauce required to propel the growth of the organization. It automates the process of getting your tasks done and it allows you to do more with little time and saves you a lot of stress from executing your tasks manually.

Sinnaps, an online project management tool can be used as workforce management software because it drives operational efficiency of workers. It will assist you in getting the best out of your workers by planning their work schedules to yield the right results.

 Also, it is a collaboration tool that builds the right synergy among your workers via effective communication to ensure that the goals of your projects are met.


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Workforce Management Software: Why You Need To Integrate It Into Your Operations


Mobile workforce management software helps business managers in overcoming the errors that are synonymous with manual payroll processes and will assist in the elimination of employee time theft by preventing you from paying your workers for the work not done by them.

Also, it guards against unnecessary overtime by ensuring effective scheduling of the workers in a manner that meets the needs of the organization. It enhances the schedule optimization of your organization by ensuring that vital activities are executed in each schedule of a project.

Furthermore, many business organizations are always struggling to maintain the right number of staff for their operations thereby causing them to incur excessive overhead costs due to being overstaffed. Workforce management software will assist in creating the work shifts based on the appropriate human capital needs. Again, it helps in reducing employee turnover by aiding you in retaining your best talents because people will always enjoy working for your organizations.

Furthermore, it aids the creation of the ideal labour management system that leverages the skills of workers thereby helping you to attain the competitive edge in your industry.

Workforce management software can be used as HR analytics tools. These are workforce analysis tools for managing shift configuration, full time/part-time ratio, location staffing and team assignment to ensure optimum productivity from the workers.

Enterprise workforce management software is available for big business organizations with a large workforce for the management of their operations such as leave request processing and tracking of the activities of the workforce to ensure optimum productivity. 

Workforce management software boosts the effectiveness of the network diagram project management which is the visual representation of every sequential and dependent activity of a project.

It will aid the planning and identification of the critical path of the projects’ activities to beat the deadline and meet the expectations of the customers.



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 A work schedule template is a model that describes the work schedules of the previous project. When you use it with workforce management software, it will enhance your ability to achieve better results by effectively coordinating and managing the tasks involved in the project and saving you and your team a lot of time in the process.

For example, you can use Sinnaps to design your work schedule template and will aid you in implementing the methods described in the template by coordinating the execution of the tasks in the new project. It is also a planning tool that supports teamwork and collaboration.


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Workforce Tools: The Ideal Solution To Attain Ease In Managing Your Resources


In reality, the task of effectively managing the workforce can be daunting for the managers. However, the integration of workforce tools will assist in the process of managing the human resources of the organizations.

They are useful in creating and managing staff shifts and will improve the hiring process to ensure that the best talents are recruited for the business establishment.

Workforce tools help managers in keeping in touch with their workers that are involved in remote operations by ensuring that they are properly monitored and tracked to achieve the desired output from them.

They promote effective collaboration between the managers and their team; this enables them to be on the same page in their project management strides. With workforce management tools, tasks can be easily created, assigned, and edited to keep everyone updated as far as the progress of the project is concerned.

Also, they assist in keeping track of workers’ time to boost accountability and productivity. They are useful for the management of time-off requests and swapping of shifts without altering the operational capacity and efficiency of the organization.

 Again WFM tools are useful as workforce analysis tools to evaluate the performance of the workforce. Sinnaps, Basecamp, Planday, and Jolt are examples of workforce tools that you can embrace in your organization to boost your performance.


Workforce Planning Model: A Guide To Fulfill Your Organizational Objectives


The need for business organizations to align their strategic goals with the activities of their workforce has spurred them to integrate workforce planning model into their operations to enhance their capacity to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Workforce planning model assists in having the right staff in place at the right time with the appropriate skills. It helps business firms in aligning changing organizational needs with workforce oriented strategies to enhance their efficiency.

Strategic workforce planning tools are useful in creating organizational charts that describe the holistic view of where the workforce of the organization fit and where jobs are available in a visualized format.

This helps in the collection of data of the workforce by using different filters such as department and location, and at the same time identifying where they need to hire new employees. Workforce planning model assists in filling knowledge gaps and highlighting operational areas that require attention to facilitate the fulfillment of the organizational objectives.

 It is useful for effective forecasting, analysis, and implementation of plans to attract, motivate and retain talent. It is an integral part of HR, as people analytics tools, to ensure that the right people are hired to work for the organization.

Steps involved in developing the workforce planning model:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of your organization and its context of operations.
  • Evaluate the existing workforce requirement
  • Assessment of future workforce needs
  • Identify skills resource gap against the future organizational needs
  • Implementation of action plans to meet shortages, excess or deficits in skills
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the workforce plan.

For example, Sinnaps can be used to develop the workforce planning model of your organization in a way that will ensure the achievement of business objectives. It is very easy to use and will properly convey the right information to the relevant stakeholders.



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