Although companies are working in ever more collaborative environments, with linear hierarchies, each team is comprised of individuals who may have different authorisations. Just as each colleague has their responsibility in the project, they may also work in accordance with authorisations managed by the Project Manager.

Authorisation management often depends on the project type and, especially, on the team, company or work methods favoured by the Project Manager. However, there is always some type of information that is better kept out of the reach of certain types of people interested in the project. We are referring to the planned costs or resources for the project.

It must be pointed out that with Sinnaps authorisation to view resources is unconnected to the role of the user. That is why we have identified certain interested parties whose possibility to view project resources can be deactivated.


What happens if I prevent one of my collaborators from viewing the resources?


They won’t be able to see the costs for the planned resources, or those really used on the activities.

However, it must be pointed out that they can plan resources and, therefore, see the real consumption of these. The only costs they can see will be those of the resources they have created.


Who should I not let see the project costs?


Here are three examples of people who can access your planning but for whom you can deactivate access to costs.

Client: This person tends to be more interested in the end cost – fixed or otherwise – of the project. They are less concerned with what the Project Manager is going to spend. So, the client is more result-focused.

Suppliers: Neither is it of much interest to have the suppliers up to date on how the Project Manager is distributing the economic resources. This might get in the way should negotiations be involved.

Project management consultant: You may or may not give them authorisation. It all depends on what areas you want them to advise you on the planning of your project.

Now, depending on your role…


What authorisations do you have?


Among the most important tasks taken on by the various members of the team, Sinnaps enables each of these roles in the team to be performed suitably. That’s why it differentiates between Project Manager, Project Owner and Team Member. Sinnaps has a plan for each of them.


Project Manager

  •    Plans using the Sinnaps Gantt-flow.
  •    Manages activities.
  •    Manages material and work resources.
  •    Obtains reports.

Project Owner

  •    The same authorisations as the Project Manager.
  •    Assigns the role of Project Manager to another user.
  •    Cannot be eliminated from the project.

Team Member

  •    Plans resources for the activities to which they are assigned.
  •    Expresses the resources used, whether costs, material or a person’s work. Must be assigned to the activity.
  •    Validates activities, sub-tasks and objectives.


NB: no matter the role of each team member, the Project Manager can always prevent a user from seeing the costs. This means that one Team Member may be able to see the costs while another may not, depending on authorisation given.

Before changing team authorisations, we recommend you review how to add people to my project or how to assign responsibilities in a project.


How do we change authorisations for the team in Sinnaps?

Everything related to the management of our team can be found in the TEAM panel (lower section of the project planning).



Information on the people involved in the project will drop down. The role of Project Manager means you can edit the other roles or responsibilities in your team, as well as grant them access to project costs or not.

If we don’t grant them access so they can see the costs, this user can only view the costs for the resources they themselves have created. In the link below, there is further information on how to create a new resource.






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