Complicated processes are difficult to understand and communicate. Thankfully, flowcharts exist to help simplify and explain complicated processes. In this article, we will take a look at a flowchart example, the benefits of an easy work flow chart, how to create a flow diagram online and some of the important process flow chart symbols.


Flow Chart Example


The Benefits of an Easy Work Flow Chart

A business process flow chart online is beneficial in a number of different ways. An effective computer flow chart can help you and your project teams in a number of ways. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:


  • Clarity: A flow chart allows businesses to clarify the steps of a process and the order it will follow.
  • Communication: Communication comes from the clear format of the flow chart. Anyone that takes a look should be able to understand exactly what is meant to happen in each scenario of the process allowing flow charts to act as effective communicative methods.
  • Effective Coordination: Tasks and their order as well as the different scenarios are planned in advance with the help of a flow chart and this increases coordination greatly.
  • Increase in Efficiency: People are more aware of what needs to happen and therefor no time is wasted on confusion and doubt.
  • Effective Analysis: When businesses use flow charts they can better analyse the work they are planning to carry out and its effects on each step of the process.
  • Problem Solving: Risks are better identified with the help of the visualisation of the flow chart process.
  • Effective Documentation: Documents can be created and attached to flow charts, keeping them in one place.


How to Make Flow Chart Example


A flow chart is essentially a diagram filled with shapes and symbols that help to represent a process. Are use a flow diagram explains a complicated process and use the shapes and symbols to represent the connections between the various parts of the flow chart. In this flow chart example, we can see the process of recruitment.


Flow Chart Example


  • As you can see on the graphic flowchart, the first step in the process of recruitment is establishing the selection criteria,
  • Then the job can be advertised as per the selection criteria.
  • After that, the company will receive job applications
  • Then the applications are categorised into two groups.
  • A is the group of applications that is deemed suitable for the job and B is the group of applications that is not deemed suitable for the job.
  • Group B directly goes to the end of the system flow chart and receives a thank you letter or email.
  • Group A is then assessed further against criteria.
  • Those who pass that assessment move on to the interview stage.
  • Those that are interviewed are then assessed against criteria.
  • Those who pass get a second interview, criteria is again assessed.
  • Those who pass receive a job offer and those who don’t receive a thank you letter or email.


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Besides, one-piece flow process manufacturing is the ideal solution to overcoming these challenges because it makes the process of manufacturing more effective and customer-oriented. You will find more info here: One-Piece Flow: Guard Against Wastage In Manufacturing.


Why Create a Flow Diagram Online?


Creating a project flow chart can be tricky. An online software that helps you to create a logic flow chart can make the entire process a lot easier and more convenient. There are various computer flowcharts options for you to try.

Cloud-based options are very effective as they help to keep your production flow chart in one place. If you are working as part of the centralised team, this is especially significant for you. A cloud-based computer flow chart can be accessed by anyone involved from anywhere in the world at any time. This means that your project flowchart information is kept safe and in one place.

Changes can be easily input with a flow diagram online. This is one of the biggest advantages of a drawing out a flowchart physically.

Sinnaps project planning app allows you to plan out the process of your projects using a Gantt flow. Outlining your activities and tasks can help you to identify everything that needs to be included in a graphic flowchart.


How to plan a project


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Any documents or reports that you need to include in your project flow chart can be drawn on using the Sinnaps app. Templates are also widely available that you can use to apply to your own work. Export them into Excel or PDF format and attach them to your circular flow chart.


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Important Process Flow Chart Symbols


A work process flow chart is filled with different boxes, symbols and shapes. What do all of these process flow chart symbols mean? Let’s take a look at some of the most important:

  • Start/End Symbol: Out of all the flow chart boxes, this is the first you’ll see.This symbol represents the start or end point of the system flow chart.
  • Action or Process Symbol: This symbol represents a single step or task or an entire sub-process that is part of a larger process.
  • Document Symbol: Represents a printed document or report.
  • Decision Symbol: This symbol signifies a branching point or a decision. Lines that point towards different decisions emerge from this diamond shape.
  • Input/Output Symbol: In various examples of flow charts, you will see this symbol representing information or a material leaving or entering the system such as an invoice or a product.
  • Manual Input Symbol: This symbol signals a step in which a user or team member needs to input information manually.
  • Preparation Symbol: This symbol signifies a set-up for another step in the process flow chart.
  • Connector Symbol: This symbol shows that the flow where a matching symbol has been placed.


The flow chart diagram example that we covered shows just how clearly a complicated process can be explained and visualised. Remember that a process map vs flow chart is slightly different in the sense that process mapping is the activity of creating a flow chart. Try creating a flow chart online today and simplify your complex processes to make them more efficient and effective! 😊

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