Managing the workflow of your projects effectively can be the difference between an average project and a great project. Finding the right digital workflow editor that helps you to manage you and your team’s workflow can greatly improve how you work and the results you attain. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best workflow management tools and see what they offer. The best workflow applications should be intuitive, collaborative and stimulate productive work.


Best Workflow Management Tools


Workflow Management Software


Sinnaps cloud based workflow management tool offers you the option to effectively plan out your workflow and to track its progress with the help of the Kanban board that is synced with your planned calendar timeline. As it is cloud-based, all documents and information pertaining to your workflow is safely stored in one place on the cloud as well as providing you with important document and report templates that will help you save time and energy.



Wrike workflow website allows you to plan and manage your workflow. It includes useful tools such as document management, forms management, task management and workflow configuration. This workforce management platform does not however include calendar management making it difficult to track your workflow in terms of a real-time calendar.


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With Sinnaps workflow builder you have the option to create your workflow on an updated version of the traditional Gantt chart, known as the Gantt flow. This Gantt flow also includes the critical path of your workflow, highlighting the most important tasks, calculating the most optimal workflow and defining task interdependencies. You also have the option to plan your workflow on a more basic and traditional Gantt chart with the online workflow tool.  


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Intervals is a workflow website tool that can be used to manage your workflows in a collaborative space offering email integration, reporting tools and milestone tracking among other workflow management tools. This workflow builder however lacks resource management tools which are a crucial part of efficient and effective workflow management.



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Wrike can be used to manage the workflow of both small and large teams. However, teams need to communicate and Wrike does not include an instant messenger or chat feature within the workflow builder. Wrike is notorious for continuous updates also so you need to keep on your toes.

Sinnaps is an easy-to use and intuitive workflow management app. This means that you and your team do not need to spend a lot of time actually learning how the online workflow management tool works. Get to the point and start managing your workflow with the help of Sinnaps PERT and CPM technologies.

Intervals is great for project-based companies and serves as a reliable workflow program tool. However, it is a little more complicated than other digital workflow solutions and may take teams longer to get used to.


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Digital Workflow Solutions


A task management workflow tool such as Clinked allows you to improve team collaboration as does the Sinnaps workflow management platform. Both cloud workflow software are perfect for decentralised teams as they can be accessed by anyone involved with the project from anywhere in the world at any time. However, Clinked does not offer dependency charts, whereas Sinnaps utilises CPM technologies to define task relationships and dependencies in your workflow.

Kissflow is a popular workflow management platform that offers a range of tools from compliance management and calendar tracking to forms management and workflow configuration. This SaaS workflow management tool tends to be a little more on the complicated side of things and takes time to learn. Workflow management solutions should be quick and easy to learn so that you can get to managing your workflow instead of spending time on learning how to use the cloud workflow engine.


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The best and simple workflow engine will allow you to effectively manage the workflow of your tasks. Sinnaps workflow application platform is designed to offer you easy sub task organisation and management in order to breakdown more complex tasks. Changing the task itself will also change the sub task parameters automatically.

While Wrike also offer sub task management, the parameters of the sub tasks of the tasks are not so easily modified. If you change the deadline of a task, the sub task deadline does not change along with it, which can lead to confusion. This cloud workflow automation tool is useful but requires careful attention that you could be dedicating to your workflow instead.

Overall, whatever workflow automation app you decide to use make sure that it has the tools you need to manage your workflow effectively. Easy workflow software and an easy workflow tool should be intuitive and not take your team long to learn. Try the workflow management tools for yourself and let us know what you think! 😊

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