Effective business process management (BPM) solutions are essential for all types of organisations. Business process management focuses on discovering, modelling, measuring, improving and optimising business processes. In this article, we will take a look at the business process management model, the different business process management tools that are available to you and some business process management examples.


Business Management Tools


Business Process Management Tools


Today, there are many business process management tools available to support business process management workflow. Some of these tools include Sinnaps project management software, Clarizen, Mavim and Wrike. Let’s take a look at what these tools offer:

  • Clarizen: Clarizen is a business process management (BPM) technology that is centred around project management I’m creating configure will workflow automation. The two does not however offer audio or video conferencing and it does not support agile or scrum with regards IT project management features.
  • Mavim: Mavim is a software that allows organisations to reinvent their operating models in order to transform into digital businesses. This software is used for major business transformation including tools such as process mapping, process simulation and process analysis.
  • Sinnaps: Business process management (BPM) and IT tools such as Sinnaps are centred around increasing and improving team collaboration, so the project work can be as productive as possible. Sinnaps offers various tools as part of the business process management technology such as resource management, KPIs, sub task management, communicative tools, test mode and more. The best part about Sinnaps software is that it is easy to use and very intuitive meaning that work teams do not waste time in learning how to use the tool.
  • Wrike: Wrike is a project management tool that can help your organisation to develop its business process management framework. Your business processes can be streamlined, and your custom workflows can be applied to specific teams, projects and folders in order to encourage cross-team collaboration. Wrike does not offer process analysis, data mapping or process simulation and it tends to update itself quite frequently meaning that project teams can get confused with how the software works.



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What is Business Process Management (BPM)?


The business process management methodology is focused on improving business performance by managing business processes. Enabling technologies such as Sinnaps are used in coordination with business process management. Business processes are crucial aspects of any type of organisation. It is essential to understand, manage and develop your business processes in order to deliver value to clients and to project management.

A business process management platform such as Sinnaps offers you an effective and efficient way to manage your projects workflow and how your project team approaches project management. The updated version of the traditional Gantt chart, known as the grant flow allows you to plan out your work across a timeline structure and the Kanban board allows you to update project progress continuously so that everyone is aware of the status of the project. Tasks can be easily validated once completed and subtasks can be created and managed in order to break down more complex project activities.


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The various business process management online tools offer an effective way to optimise your business processes. Sinnaps offers business process management templates in the form of project reports, documents and plans. These templates are fantastic time and effort savers and can be exported to excel and modified to the requirements of your project.

There are many business process management vendors and tools. Mavim is an effective tool to use for complex business process management activities as they can be broken down into sub tasks and managed more easily, something that the Sinnaps tool also offers. Process simulation is another effective tool offered by both Sinnaps and Mavim that allows project and business manager to simulate what a project would look like with a proposed change before fully implementing it.

Creating a business process management flowchart with Wrike is very useful and beneficial to project teams. Unfortunately, the benefits may be short lived unless the project team constantly keeps up to date with the various changes and updates introduced to the software, otherwise it is easy to get lost.


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Business Process Management Examples


Business process management example that demonstrates business process management best practices this is a great way to understand the benefits of business process management (BPM). Let’s take the process of finance, which is a process involved in every type of organisation. A business process management software that include risk management techniques, for example, will serve as a very beneficial tool.

Sinnaps project management software is an example of a business process management technology that includes risk management techniques. Testmode is an effective tool that project managers can use to test changes to a project. Documentation and reports can be easily created and stored safely with the project plan and communication is greatly facilitated with live in-chat features, a project wall and automatic weekly updates sent to all members of the project.



Mavim offers you the ability to improve process modelling and design through the use of an effective business process management diagram. Clarizen also offers an effective way to plan out projects but lacks mobile access. Clarizen’s task management feature also awaits development. Tasks can be managed well with Wrike, however lacks process change tracking.

Overall, there are significant pros and cons to each of the business process management tools and techniques. It is up to you to decide which software and the tools that it offers would suit your business process management SaaS the best. Try them out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below! 😊  


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