According to PwC, only 2.5% of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects. Effective workflow automation software is something that can help to increase your chances of project success significantly. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best workflow automation software, see what each has to offer and allow you to come to your own conclusion about the best workflow automation app.


Workflow Automation Software


Effective workforce management is the secret sauce that you can use to achieve success in your business activities and achieve a competitive edge over your rivals in the industry.


Best Workflow Automation Software


The benefits of workflow automation are various. Workflow automation helps to improve business procedures in any industry. This can lead to productivity benefits, inventory reductions and more. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of business workflow automation apps that are available:


  • Wrike: This is an example of an enterprise workflow automation app that allows you to plan and manage the workflow of your projects. This app allows you to understand and map out the courses of your projects. It has an intuitive interface that easily creates and maps out the dependencies between tasks.



  • Sinnaps: Sinnaps is another example of an effective workflow automation app. It is Saas and cloud-based. The critical path method included as part of the tool allows you to clearly define task dependencies and calculates the shortest amount of time possible within which you can complete the project successfully.

The easy to use and intuitive interface allows you and your team to get working straight away instead of needing time to learn how to use the workflow automation app.


Wrike Alternative


What is a critical path and how does it help us to meet deadlines?



  • Asana: This is a workflow automation SaaS app that allows you to streamline group organisation and collaboration into a single source. It provides communication tools which help to reduce email clutter and improve project team communication. These communication tools however fail to notify team members of new messages and therefore are not as effective as the purpose for which they are intended.


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What the Best Workflow Automation Tools Should Offer


The best workflow automation tool should help you to identify any redundant activity in your project development. By gaining visibility into your workflow with the help of workflow automation apps, you can eliminate redundant steps which will help to improve the efficiency of your projects. Tools should be:


  • Cloud-based
  • Collaborative
  • Include communicative tools
  • Allow for resource and cost management
  • Find your optimal work route
  • Include reporting features
  • Be easy and intuitive to learn and use


Let’s take at what some examples have to offer in this regard:

  • Pyrus: This app is a workflow automation and task management software that combines workflow automation, request tracking, work related communication and document approvals in one interface. It is very useful to help organise daily project workflows. Unlike the Sinnaps workflow automation in cloud tool, it does not offer video tutorials on how to use the app.
  • Timereaction: This is a workflow automation and communication solution the places emphasis on improving team collaboration. It is relatively simple to use and allows you to track and manage multiple tasks on the go. It is more basic than other software and maybe more suitable for smaller and less complex projects.


Effective Marketing Automation Workflow Apps


No matter which industry you are in, effective enterprise workflow automation apps can help to improve the quality of your project progressions. Whether you are completing a marketing project or a software project, let’s take a look at what some applications have to offer:

    • Sinnaps: As part of the Sinnaps automation workflow tool, there are many different useful features also included. Its technology allows you to prioritise tasks logically. After a user creates a plan, Sinnaps prioritises and calculates the most optimal work path automatically. An agile dashboard is used by the team to manage day-to-day activities. Resources and costs of the project are also easily planned and managed.  


Kanban Board Example


    • cFlow: This is a business process management and workflow automation solution that helps you streamline your project processes. This app includes reporting features, third-party integration, automatic notifications and keep performance indicators. Unfortunately, the tool does not offer effective activity tracking or document storage.
    • SugarCRM: In terms of marketing automation workflow apps, this app is a customisable customer relationship management software that automates your marketing procedures. It is a unique workflow automation app in the sense that it is focused on customer relations and therefore very specifically used. However beneficial the app maybe, it tends to be difficult to learn and use.


Document Workflow Automation Apps


    • Precurio: This app is an enterprise workflow automation and reporting business platform. It is a visually attractive app and places an emphasis on row bust reporting. It does not feature instant messaging or have a drag and drop interface. If you are a project is heavily based around reporting and not so much around complex task management, this may be the app for you.
    • Office Management: This is a web-based workflow to that hope to see you and your project team to improve time management and manage your costs more effectively. Management of day to day project tasks are streamlined. This includes streamlining expense reports, travel requests and more. Office Management also offers management templates and a reporting feature.
    • Sinnaps: Sinnaps allows you to create various project management reports either from scratch or by using the various project report templates that are available on the app. Project reports can easily be attached to the overall project or to specific tasks. Documents can be imported and exported from the workflow automation tool and add great value to your projects.


After reading this workflow automation software comparison, we hope that you have a better understanding of the different software that is available to you and the tools and benefits that each offer. Try using cloud workflow automation software to plan your project workflows and let us know what you think of the different software in the comments below! 😊

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