An effective workflow management system can greatly benefit your projects and the results that they produce. In this article, we will take a look at an online workflow management system, BPM workflow, Sinnaps project management workflow system and a cloud workflow management system example.


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Online Workflow Management System


Today, you have the option to use an online workflow management system in project management. Using the best workflow system online can benefit the workflow of your projects greatly. An effective workforce management system such as Sinnaps gives you the ability to plan, share and control your project’s workflow.

The Kanban board that is linked with your Gantt flow calendar timeline allows you to easily validate tasks once they have been completed. This will update everyone’s workflow so that they are aware of the project status continuously. Sinnaps workflow control and tracking system also allows you to assign team members to the planned tasks and to monitor their work and input in percentage terms.


Create your Kanban Board


Kanban Board Example


Communication is essential for effective project management and a useful workflow functionality of the Sinnaps system is the live in-chat feature and project wall. These features stimulate collaboration and communication in an open workflow, making work overall more productive.

Also, you can find more info about One-piece flow here.

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BPM Workflow


A BPM workflow management system allows you to monitor, evaluate and maintain tasks in real time. Being able to carry out project management steps in real time with a business workflow management system such as Sinnaps means that there are n delays or lags in updating your project status. The next tasks can be started once other team members have validated their own completions.

Let’s take for example a project for a marketing workflow management plan to design a new campaign. After deciding on all of the tasks to be completed as part of the project, defining the objectives and assigning team members project work can begin. On a small business workflow system such as Sinnaps, each task is carefully described and given a clear deadline. Once it has been completed by the team member assigned, it is validated, and the project can carry on.


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Cloud Workflow Plan


Using an enterprise workflow management system that is cloud based comes with many benefits. Apart from helping you to effectively manage the workflow of your project management activities, an IT workflow management system such as Sinnaps safely stores all information pertaining to the projects you and your team are undertaking in one place. This includes plans, reports, documents and even conversations held in the simple workflow system.


How to plan a project


Another great benefit of a cloud based workflow management system project planner is that it can be accessed at any time from any where in the world by anyone involved with the project. This makes a team workflow management system such as Sinnaps perfect for decentralised teams that are becoming more and more common today. Sinnaps let’s you organise the workflow of your team even if you are not all in physical proximity.


Project Management Workflow


Typical workflow procedures include planning objectives, listing the tasks that need to be completed in order to reach the project goal and assigning team members to each of the tasks. The best workflow system will help you to optimise your plan, making your project as efficient and effective as it can be taking int consideration the data you have given in the plan.

Sinnaps office workflow management system includes the critical path method. This technique allows you and your team to see the tasks that are most critical to successful project completion. These tasks are highlighted along the critical path at the top of the project plan. These tasks have the most dependencies and the CPM method automatically calculates the shortest timespan in which your project workflow can be completed.


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Business Workflow


Whether you need a small business workflow management system or a large enterprise workflow management system, Sinnaps works for any type of project. Your project workflow is carefully planned out across the Gantt flow and synced with the efficient Kanban board.

A labour management system for small business projects needs to be intuitive and easy to learn. Sinnaps understands this. It’s social-meadia-like interface is very easily adapted to by your team and the various communicative features included mean constant support in project work.

Overall, the best workflow management system is one that includes essential features to help you effectively manage the workflow of your projects. Sinnaps enterprise workflow management system is easy to use, interactive and stimulate team collaboration all while managing your projects in real time. Try it out for yourself today and let us know what you think in the comments below! 😊


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