Project resource planning template plays a huge role in the outcome of every project; it is what determines how profitable a project will be for an organization. Furthermore, according to the statistics about 70% of projects fail due to poor planning.

No doubt, one notable feature of project management is the ability to effectively leverage the resources available in a project. 


resource planning template


In essence, project planning is very paramount in project management but it is how the resources are used in the project that will manifest the plan and deliver the right value to the customers. The onus is always on the project managers to identify each deliverable of the project and align it with the right resources. 

Furthermore, project resource planning will enhance your ability to achieve optimum control of your budget and helps in avoiding overspending your budgetary provision.

However, for some project managers, the task of achieving effective project resource planning is always a tough nut to crack thereby making their projects to get messy and miss out on the desired goals of the project. 

With a project resource planning template, a project team is assured of the effective management of the resources. It will aid in the maximization of the work breakdown structure by identifying the human and material resources that will be used in each stage of the project. 

Moreover, the use of a project resource planning template enables you to optimize your resources and assist in guarding against the wastage of project resources thereby enhancing the profitability of the project. 

In this article, we will discuss the roles that project resource planning template play in project planning activities and how it enhances the efficiency of the project team.


Project resource planning template: why you need to embrace it


The integration of the resource planning template will aid the planning, management, and allocation of the resources of a project to the right people at the right time. 

It enhances the capacity of the team to deliver the right results by helping in identifying the resources that will be used in executing a project properly. The resource planning template will help in prioritizing the resources of a project based on their importance.

 No doubt, a project plan is the lifeblood of every project but a resource planning template is what you need to bring your project plan into fruition by identifying the resources to undertake each process in the plan. It will document the required human resources needed to carry out the tasks of the project and the right resources necessary to execute each task of the project. 

Furthermore, it is an easy-to-use tool and will help you in jettisoning the manual method of planning the utilization of your project resources. 

The following are the importance of project resource planning template:

  • It helps inform the project team of what is expected of them. This enables them to have full control over their roles and responsibilities.
  • It helps the project team in identifying the interdependencies between the tasks of their project.
  • It will easily display updates and changes made and keep all and sundry on their toes as far as Project Management is concerned.
  • It helps in filtering out resources by showcasing the closest match between the resource and task to deploy the right skill set.

Project management tools can be used by the project team in planning the utilization of the resources of their projects. For example, Sinnaps support effective planning; it will aid you in planning the utilization and allocation of your resources to achieve your project goals 

In undertaking every project, the individuals that are required to execute the project must be properly managed to harness their skills. The use of the human resource plan template helps in getting this done by defining the roles and responsibilities of each individual. 

It will display the organizational charts, how resources will be procured, the time when each resource will be needed, and the specialized training requirements for the workforce. 

Also, there is a need to identify the right human resources to undertake the task of a project. A resource requirement template will help in identifying the capabilities required in the people that will work on a project.


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Again, a project manager is expected to be anticipatory and plan ahead of time in the management of the project resources. A resource forecasting template helps in determining the nature of the resources to be used on a future project.

Furthermore, a project team is saddled with the task of ensuring that the resources of a project are properly allocated. With a resource allocation template, you are offered a resource planning spreadsheet that ensures that the needed resources are made available. It also simplifies the management of the allocation of resources to ensure that nothing is left out in the allocation of the project resources.

The integration of resource scheduling software will help the project team in scheduling the activities of a project. It allows you to plan, allocate and track the individuals working on each task of a project.


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 It will effectively leverage the resources of a project and match them with the right personnel to ensure that the customers derive great value for their money. 

Again, in the course of undertaking a project, there could be a need to modify the resources of a project. A project charter template will assist you in the modification of the plan of your project. In a project charter template Excel, you have a tool that you can easily download for the task of modifying the resource planning effort of your project. 


Team resource planning template Excel


A team resource planning template is an easily downloadable tool that can be used by the project team in planning, managing and allocating the resources of a project.

As a tool, it assists in simplifying and scheduling the resources of your project. Furthermore, it is useful for tracking the resources of a project team and will enhance the capacity planning of the project team. It can be used as a resource capacity planning template for determining the available resources with demand and identify the surplus or deficit in capacity.

Team resource planning template Excel has an ease of use feature and can be exported into other tools to enhance the project management strides of a project team. 


Resources Report:


Project Budget Template


Download a Resources Planning Template in Excel


Project resource management plan template


Indeed, having the right resources to undertake a project does automatically guarantee the success of a project. What guarantees the success of a project is how you can manage the utilization of the resources appropriately. 

Resource planning in project management is vital to the success of a project. It is a task that must be done painstakingly by the project team before the commencement of a project. 

This is what you have in a project resource management plan template; it will help you in planning how you and your team go about the utilization of your project resources to maximize them.

The project resource management plan template will help you in categorizing each resource of your project on their availability, allocating, managing and releasing the resources to personnel involved in the execution of the tasks.

The project resource management plan template ensures that you use your resources effectively and economically. 

Also, the use of the project resource management plan template helps in identifying the process of defining how to estimate, acquire, manage and utilize the resources of a project. Again, it is effective for estimating the activity resources by type and quantities of materials and equipment.

Furthermore, it assists in ensuring control of the resources of the project by ensuring that the resources are assigned and allocated to the project as planned.

Also, it helps in monitoring the planned against the actual use of the resources. This helps in the process of taking corrective measures when the utilization of the project resources is going contrary to plan. 


Download or create a Gantt Chart using Excel:


project plan template excel

Download a Project Planning in Excel


Agile resource planning template for multiple projects


In a software development project, the project team must embrace the agile resource planning template for multiple projects. 

This enables them to view the resources of the projects on the project timeline thereby allowing them to focus on the continuous improvement of the software development project.

In Agile project management, planning activities take the center stage because they help in identifying the path that the project will take. It also involves the breakdown of the workload of the project. 

The use of a project plan template will assist the agile team in achieving the aims of their projects. A project plan template will simplify the process of planning the activities of the agile project.

The use of the resource Gantt chart allows you to have an insight into the utilization of the project resources. It helps the project team in their decision-making efforts. For instance, a project management tool like Sinnaps is embedded with Gantt chart thereby helping you and your team in gaining an overview into your project from a glance with ease.


Sinnaps’ Roadmap for multiple projects:




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