No one can succeed working as a vacuum. And collaboration is a very important aspect of team work. The ability of the employees of a business enterprise to perform together as a team often plays an all-important role as the biggest factor that will contribute to the success of that organization.


Team Planning Software


Team planning software encourages group effort in the workplace, and leads to many positive offsets including improving productivity, increasing effectiveness and promoting healthy employee relationship.

For small and medium teams, with a tight budget but require all the premium features of a team planning software and collaboration tool for managing teams to achieve improved business efficiency, then you do want to check out Sinnaps online project management tool.

As one of the most essential management role in any business or organization, planning scheme online helps managers to strategically position employees and team members and stir them towards set business objectives and goals which directly translates to securing the future of the business in the long term.

Team planning is all about coming together as a team to set or review set goals, see how you have fared in other tasks, provide inputs on how best to deliver on business promises to customers and commit to a way of improving in the next endeavour. It is all about developing workable and actionable strategies to improve performance and competitiveness.


Team Planning Software


Choosing the best team project management app will depend on several factors including your business needs, size of your team, if you have remote or traditional teams, your budget, etc.

Sinnaps, Team Planning Software

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So what team planning software do you require for your business?

Increasing complexity and competitiveness in the marketplace, coupled with rapidly changing user requirements and needs call for timely and unhindered workflow management. Tasks must be better managed, collaboration between teams must be improved, project progress tracked round the clock and time managed effectively.  

Let us consider some of the essential features of team planning tools, and how you can adopt same to help your team plan better.

  • Task management

This feature helps you easily create tasks and add descriptions. Easily allocate dates for each task (start and due), prioritize each task, see what work has been put into each task and estimate what remains, etc. You can easily assign tasks to users who are available to work, attach comments and update status of work as they are (in progress, done, or to-do), etc.

  • Easy collaboration

Several team project management online software provide virtual and centralized workspace to enable multiple users communicate to effectively facilitate group work. With features which allow users to create project task boards, calendars, notifications as well as invite members/ non-members for collaboration and centralize communication with stakeholders.

  • Project reporting/tracking

This is an easy way to view project status and easily compare status of work currently in place to that which was planned. This feature also allows you to effectively track actual time spent on a task, track team performance, estimate project costs and lots more.

Before any project endeavour, managers must first define the project scope, draw up a timeline, and determine how funds will be allocated, identify project deliverables and forecast workflow. You can easily create WBS, identify dependency between tasks, etc with your project planning software.

  • Time tracking

The time tracking features allow users to track time spent on tasks and compare same with actual time allocated, measure billable hours and lots more

  • Assets management

Sinnaps staff workload planner makes it even easier to allocate tasks to team members and monitor workloads, etc.


Agile Dashboard to promote team collaboration


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Team Capacity Planning Tools


With various team planning software and tools available online, it has become a lot easier to turn strategy into an actionable plan to achieve success. But who will implement such strategy if you do not have the people to do the job?

Team capacity planning tools help you with the process of verifying if your organization has the requisite number of hands or skills. Capacity planning in management will ensure that before a project is undertaken, enough skilled hands are on deck to see it through.


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Businesses and progressive organizations continue to realize how invaluable collaboration is. Therefore, they’re increasingly looking for the best ways to adopt same in dealing with their teams. This article will show you how you can take advantage of different team planning software and resource management tools to foster collaboration among your team and make them into productive champions who will lift your business to enviable heights.


Resources planning tool to manage your team’s workload:




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