Business owners, whether small or big know that time is a precious commodity. Among other things, managers want to know how long an employee has been on a task (hours worked), easily see which employee is on the right path or otherwise, quickly send time sheet reminders as well as stay on top employee time off and holiday schedules.


time report


Given the importance of time reporting in business, several time reporting formats and software that help businesses run smoothly are now available. With this, managers are able to ensure commiserate compensation for hours put into work by each employee, effectively manage activities among others.

Of particular interest are the time reporting features in Sinnaps Project Management software, a total package that comes with all the intrinsic elements of project management.

Every small business continues to put in time day after day, in hopes for a payoff which might take years to come to fruition. To this regard, it becomes absolutely necessary to make the best use of their time in such a way that’ll see their dreams coming true.

A time management software application is specially developed to cater to the time scheduling and monitoring needs of businesses and organisations. With a time reporting tool that breaks down how you or your employees spend time on the computer.

Want to see how it can help you reach your business goals? Kindly read on.


Project Time Report


By keeping tabs of websites visited, applications accessed as well as the overall active hour spent on a computer, Sinnaps project time report tool lets you conveniently see what time an employee started working, what tasks they are working on as well as how long it’ll take. Although time reporting using online time reporting systems is not a new concept in business, new technology brings with it new concepts, functionalities and possibilities aimed at improving business efficiency.


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From preparing employee payroll, to timely completion of projects deliverable, overtime and employee hours’ sheets and lots more, this app is the new gold rush when it comes to improving business possibilities and work efficiency.


Create your custom reports

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Excel Time Sheet Format


A Excel Time Sheet Format brings increased efficiency to your business. You do not need to prepare new time sheet formats for every activity you need to monitor. You can automatically calculate worked hours using any sample time sheets formats from the many collections available. Simply download and customize the blank time sheets according to your business needs.




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Time and Calendar Report


Time and calendar report is yet another dynamic approach to a quick view of important details for events relating to a project or business endeavour, including due dates, status of each task and whom it is assigned to.

This tool is a wonderful tool for creating and managing calendar reports for your business. The finished report is easily shared among colleagues or team members and made available publicly for everyone involved in a project.


Visualize your Time and Calendar easily


project implementation plan template


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Real-Time Reporting Software


Use a real-time reporting software to get real-time report for all your activities, prepare your employee workload and manage all employee forms in none place. When you have a clear view of workload of every team member, you can easily distribute work among your team with a prior knowledge regarding availability of your collaborators. Also, having the full information on your planned hours handy, you can easily compare that to see if it fits that which was spent. Having a greater control of the way each team member performs their job, not only lets you plan better, you plan realistically.


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Managing the workload of several people can be such a hassle. And combining all the nitty-gritties of day-to-day management to that of getting your employees to do what they have to do, when they have to could easily and quickly go south. Also, you can find here more workload planning tools.

But you do not need to leave things to fate, when there are several other valid methods of getting so much done in a timely and efficient manner. Easily determine if your project is on the right path by comparing time spent on activities to that which was actually scheduled for it, know when an employee is available to work and perform a whole lot of other activities which can greatly improve efficiency and productivity of your business when you take advantage of all the amazing features of Sinnaps tool.


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