In reality, having a plan in place for your project does not automatically translate into success. No doubt, effective planning is vital to the success of your project but what brings the best out of the project plan is the work breakdown structure.


work breadown structure template



The work breakdown structure offers you the structural view that serves as a guide in the course of the project execution. Work breakdown structure template will assist you in defining the work of your project in the proper hierarchy and develop the schedule of your project to ensure that nothing is left out.

According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), it is a task breakdown template that is essential to identify the project deliverable. This aids the organization of your project tasks into manageable portions that you and your team can get on with.

Work breakdown structure aids in the proper management of your project’s scope. This helps you in maintaining focus on what you are required to achieve as you move towards the deadline of your project.

Again, it helps in dividing the tasks in your project into manageable chunks that are easily understood by the team members that will undertake them.

For instance, a project management tool like Sinnaps, is suitable for managing the workloads of your project. It supports effective planning and assists in splitting the tasks of your projects into different sub-tasks for easy execution.

Furthermore, it is useful for the management of your project’s resources. It can graphically display how it is being used to aid your decision-making. Also, it supports effective communication and collaboration among the project team and it is effective for sharing relevant information among the relevant stakeholders of the project.


The importance of the work breakdown structure template in project management


It aids in the identification of the major functional deliverables of the project. Also, it divides these deliverables into smaller systems and sub-deliverables that can be assigned to a single team member for execution.


The following are the values that work breakdown structure template bring to your project:


  • It boosts effective communication


The role of effective communication in the success of a project cannot be over-emphasized. Work breakdown structure template assists in the communication of the work and processes involved in the execution of a project to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved.


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  • Assign a cost to the project tasks


Work breakdown structure template helps you assigning the specific cost to each of the project’s tasks. This is because it allows you to distribute the project budget into defined packages that are linked to the tasks of the project and ensure that the cost assigned to the tasks does not exceed the total cost of the project.

This is further enhanced with the cost breakdown structure template. It details the cost allocation to the lowest level of the work breakdown system structure. It gives the breakdown of the cost of the components of the structure.


  • Track the progress of the project schedule


 Work breakdown structure template helps in tracking the progress of your schedule by making use of the clearly defined limits in it. This can determine the progress of the project by evaluating the tasks that are already completed.

Furthermore, in your work breakdown structure template, you can assign the members that will carry out each task in the project. This will enable you to be in the know of who is responsible for each activity and hold them accountable.



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  • Delegate responsibility to the team members


Work breakdown structure template helps in assigning responsibility to the members of the project team.  Hence it enables you to harness the potentials of your team and deduce where they can perfectly fit into the project.

Manage your teams’ resources and workload:




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  • Prioritize activities and manage risk in projects


Again, the use of a risk breakdown structure template helps in organizing risks according to their categories. It assists in the decomposition of risk categories involved in each project.

As you can see in the planning bellow, the top line of activities is always painted over a text that says Critical Path. Tools like Sinnaps prioritize the rest of activities vertically. This means that the higher an activity is positioned, the more impact it will have on your critical path. And consequently, you will have a smaller slack (also known as float).



Furthermore, the need to achieve the proper organization of the people working on their projects has spurred project managers to integrate organizational breakdown structure. It can be used effectively with the workflow schedule and resource breakdown structure templates to enhance the efficiency of the project team.

It gives the details of who every team member reports to and reporting structure of your project activities. Again, the work breakdown schedule template helps in managing and controlling the expectations of the project.

Also, it will help you in creating an effective workforce scheduling that brings out an ideal workflow in the execution of your project.

No doubt, the integration of the WBS Gantt chart will help in maximizing your work breakdown structure. It manages the scope of your project; allocates the resources of the project and assists in the management of the risk involved in your project painstakingly.

Also, the project documentation template is useful for communicating the scope and goals of your project to the relevant stakeholders.


WBS template online: how to share a WBS template online


Wbs template online is a tool that is helpful to project managers in simplifying their complex projects into manageable bits. It is a tool that you can easily drag and drop to create an effective work breakdown structure for your project.

WBS template online will save you a lot of time and will ease the process of designing a work breakdown structure.

Wbs template online has different templates that can be easily used in creating the work breakdown structure suitable for your project. It has features that can get your work breakdown structure well-organized with the use of text formatting and color tools.

With these features, you can buttress vital details of your project with the formatting text. Wbs template online supports team collaboration as every team member can have access to edit it when it is necessary.

In agile WBS template download, the scrum team has a tool for designing a proper structure of deliverables that are broken into tasks. This is always done at the beginning of the project. It is very flexible and can be edited easily.


Project WBS Template Excel


Project WBS template will assist in ordering the activities of your project in the right sequence to optimize your project plan.

This Project WBS template Excel can be used with ease; it is editable and can be converted to suit any particular project requirement.

Notable features on the project WBS template excel are the element, number, WBS elements (Activity, task, and sub-task name). Others are the definition of activity, responsible person, estimated or actual cost and project phases.


work breakdown structure template


Download a Excel work breakdown structure template


Work breakdown structure excel is ideal for decomposing your project’s deliverables and breaking them into component tasks. For example, with a tool such as Sinnaps, users can download a work breakdown structure in a single click for their projects.

In a simple project plan template, you have a model that properly maps out the direction that the project will take to achieve the desired outcome.

The simple WBS template example includes business process modeling that details the lifecycle of the model. This includes launching, designing, modeling, execution, implementation, and realization of value and monitoring.

The implementation plan template gives the actionable plan and helps in the identification of the system, activities, and resources required for the completion of a project.

A project charter template in Excel gives a clear definition of the scope and objectives of your project. It describes the details of the foundation on which the project is built.

For example, you can use Sinnaps in designing your implementation template to achieve the best out of your project.




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