When managing a project, you can share different types of resource. Resources may be shared in different ways depending on the use or where they have been created. But, first, we’ll look at the types present before seeing how to share them.


Types of resource


— Project resources. Created new for each project, so they are unique and exclusive to that project.

— Global resources. These are the people who comprise the Sinnaps community. Every time you invite a new user in, you are sharing a global resource. They are called ‘global’ because they can work on different projects.



— Process resources. Those resources planned to pursue a process. They are used for all projects based on the standard or process, and are edited and created in the process editor.

Project resources are perfect for budgeting. By creating a process-based project, the new project acquires all the fixed resources from the process, meaning these don’t need to be added again.

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Access the Process Store and discover all the published processes – both your own and those of other Sinnaps users.



How to share resources


Global resources are the only ones which can be shared. Beware: as they are people, you need to know if they are available. Sometimes, we request a team member to participate and they are already working on another project. So, it is necessary to check their availability.

Given a person can’t be in two places at once, they can’t be shared at the same time. Sinnaps will give you a graph in which you can see the consumption of each resource. Where, for how long and what level of effort is being expended by this person on a particular project.

Note: you can only see what a user is doing in the projects for which you are Project Manager for confidentiality reasons.

This graph is very useful for companies that are regularly sharing people across projects. One such example would be services companies. They shuffle people constantly from one company to another, one project to another.

Among the process resources they use the resources assigned to the process. A project created from a process inherits these resources. However, they aren’t exactly the same, as any Sinnaps user can use this process. Thus, a new project is created, copying the process on which it is based. It will have its own resource consumption graph. This means its usage will not be reflected on other projects based on the same process.

Remember you can edit your process-based projects whenever you want or need to.

Lastly, project resources are not shared. They belong to the specific project. They are unique.

Remember: resource reports are generated automatically. Thus, you’ll see how many types of resource your projects or processes have.

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