In reality, the aim of every business organization is to carry all and sundry along in the running of their business activities and by doing so, the task of achieving a unity of purpose will be accomplished in the organization thereby ensuring the achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization. With collaborative communication, this task becomes very simple to achieve for the business organization.



Collaborative Communication: Tips and Tools


Collaborative communication is the method of communication that attaches importance to the opinions of every individual involved in the communication. In an organization, collaborative communication affords every worker the opportunity to opine his or her view regarding the operations of an organization.

Collaborative communication is a flexible communication that respects the contribution of the entire workforce thereby making them feel valued because they believe that they are always listened to when they express their opinions.

Furthermore, it allows openness in an organization and it enables the sharing of common thought among the workers as they strive towards the common goal. It is a tool that can be used to beat the competition in the marketplace because it allows the workers to display their creativity, innovative and problem-solving skills to confront the organizational challenges that can impede the growth of the organization.

Through collaborative communication, organizations will be able to overcome complex problems, foster creativity and nurture collaborative solution with effective synergy among the stakeholders of an organization. Also, it brings about cooperation, effective coordination of the operations of an organization which will facilitate optimum productivity.

Sinnaps, an online project management tool can be used as a tool for effective collaborative communication tool because of its ease of use feature. It will properly communicate the team’s plan in a manner that will be easily understood by the team members. Besides, you can find more info about stakeholder communication plan here.



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Also, it is useful for managing the workloads of the team by breaking them down into small bits. Again, it is effective for the creation of a graphical representation of the resources of the team thereby ensuring the proper utilization and management of resources at the disposal of the team.

Some people do question how does effective communication affect collaboration. Effective communication usually creates a positive work environment that allows the entire workforce to showcase their talents and express their opinions on the issues of an organization.

This brings about happiness among them thereby helping them to collaborate to achieve more success with their synergy.


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Essentials of effective communication


Effective communication is a vital tool for individuals or business organizations for achieving success in their operational activities. However, some essential skills are necessary for effective communication and they are;

  • Listening skills: being a good listener is a vital skill for effective communication, it allows you to hear and have an understanding of what is being communicated across to you and this allows you to have the appropriate response to the matter being discussed.
  • Non-verbal communication skills: the use of body language is a great effective communication method. Your body language will assist you in conveying your words to your audience. Also, embrace the use of hand gestures during communication and maintain eye-contact.
  • Be clear and concise: always convey your message with a few words.
  • Be friendly: you should always use a friendly tone while conveying your message to a listener.
  • Display confidence: while communicating with people, always strive to be confident to show them that you have a full understanding of what you are saying.
  • Display empathy: this will assist your listeners to know that you have an understanding of their feelings.
  • Maintain an open mind
  • Give and receive feedback: this is very vital in communication because it can act as a reality check for you in your communication with people.


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Lesson 5 – Communication: How to get the team moving at cruising speed

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Communication and collaboration in the workplace


A workplace is a place where workers work together for an employer in order to attain a purpose. However, the attainment of this purpose is centered on communication and collaboration among the workers in the workplace.

Communication is the method of exchanging information and ideas through verbal and non-verbal methods. When there is effective communication among the workforce, it leads to effective collaboration among them.

With communication and collaboration in the workplace, the task of uniting the activities of every worker will become easy thereby enabling them to meet their deadline and boost their productivity and efficiency.

It is imperative for business organizations to embrace the use of tools that enhance effective communication and collaboration in their workplace. An example of a communication and collaboration tool is Sinnaps.

Example of Sinnaps Social Kanban:


Trello Kanban vs Sinnaps Kanban


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Furthermore, unified communication is a business and marketing concept that describes the integration of enterprise communication services like instant messaging, voice telephony, audio, web, and video conferencing and others with non-real-time communication services like unified messaging.


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The use of these combined communication methods will ensure effective collaboration among the workforce. With unified communication and collaboration, organizations will be able to achieve productivity

Also, the use of unified communications solutions and tools will serve as a propellant to drive the productivity of the business organizations. Again, they are cloud-hosted thereby helping the organizations in bringing their multimedia communications tools into one platform.

Professional communication and team collaboration are required in the sector that needs error-free practice such as healthcare. In this sector, the workers are required to communicate in a professional manner.

It is essential for them to communicate professionally because critical information is being disseminated and should be communicated with precision. No doubt, professional communication will bring about team collaboration thereby helping them in avoiding errors in their operations.

Without mincing words, communication and collaboration skills are interpersonal skills that help people in working well and getting along perfectly with one another. It is very vital for business organizations to create an enabling environment that promotes effective communication and collaboration among workers.


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