A Kanban board is a very useful and effective way to plan your projects. The best way to understand how a Kanban board works is with examples. In this article, we will take a look at some Kanban board examples, a scrum example and how you can plan your project using the Sinnaps project management software Kanban board.


Kanban Board Example


Kanban Board Example


Most Kanban card examples will show you the structure of a Kanban board. It is usually split into three columns defining the work that you need to do the work you are currently doing and the work that you have not yet completed. Let’s take a look at the Kanban inventory example to understand how these columns would organise and arrange your project work.

If your project is centred around organising inventory for example, the Kanban board would split your inventorying into three sections or columns. In the planned section the inventories that are coming up will be identified for everyone to see. The inventorying that is currently in progress will show up in the second column. Any inventory that is late will be shown in the third column of the Kanban board. This serves as an effective and clear visualisation of how the inventory is moving and your work is progressing.


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Kanban Examples


Kanban examples in manufacturing projects are great to understand how the Kanban board works. Let’s take a look at some project board examples for a new product manufacturing project. Kanban boards are very useful and project management. Sinnaps project management software Kanban board is further benefited by including extra tools to help make your project more efficient and effective.


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Kanban Board Example


If you are designing new product for a client for example, you and your project team would first need to list out all of the tasks to be done as part of the project. On the Sinnaps Kanban board, your tasks would be laid out across the agile task board and connected with your project timeline. Once you complete each of your project tasks, they can be easily validated. Team members are easily assigned to each task and everyone involved with the project has access to the project plan where ever they are, making it perfect for decentralised teams.

Another Kanban manufacturing example could be for a construction project, for example. The Kanban board is very versatile and can be used for any type of project, large or small. In any of the agile board examples, it is clear that communication is essential. Using an easy-to-learn and interactive version of the Kanban board such as Sinnaps, allows you to stimulate collaboration and communication for your project team, making your work more productive.


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Scrum Board Example


A scrum board is a task board similar to the Kanban board which serves as a visual display of team progress during a sprint. It shows clearly the tasks that are yet to be started, the tasks that are in progress and the tasks that have been completed.

An agile board task example of this could be for an IT software development project. The tasks done would appear to the right of the board, such as meeting with the client to discuss the parameters. The tasks in progress would appear in the middle such as design and the tasks yet to bet started would appear to the left such as testing, for example. Any of the Kanban example problems that we have taken a look at can be easily and effectively planned on the Sinnaps project management software Kanban and scrum board.

Tasks can be validated as they are completed so that everyone involved with the project is continuously aware of progress. Communication is facilitated by a number of tools included as part of the software which increase collaboration and make work more productive.


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Kanban Board Example


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Kanban System Examples


Most lean board examples demonstrate clearly the usefulness of the Kanban board for project teams. Undertaking a project that has been planned carefully is further benefited by the Kanban system as it makes work more efficient. Everyone involved with the project can access the plan at anytime from anywhere, making software such as Sinnaps perfect for decentralised teams.

Design board examples using Kanban range from opening a new coffee shop to developing software for a client. Overall, the Kanban board can be used and applied to any type of project, big or small, complex or easy. Work is more clear and productive and with software such as Sinnaps you can also manage resources, look at the key performance indicators for your project’s health status and update your team instantly with any changes introduced to the project plan.


Kanban Board Example


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Overall, we hope that you have gained a greater understanding of how the Kanban board works with the lean visual management board examples that we covered in this article. Try planning your next project with Sinnaps Kanban board and let us know what you think in the comments below! 😊

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