No doubt, change is the only constant thing in life; project management is also not left out. The evolution in project management has spurred software development teams to embrace project management tools to improve their operational efficiency. 

However, Agile, Scrum and Kanban are the dominant methodologies in the world of software development. Agile Scrum Kanban methodologies offer project managers the leverage to improve their effectiveness in terms of proper communication among the team members and high adaptability to changing needs to ensure the delivery of working software that meets the requirements of the customers. 


Agile scrum kanban


Also, the integration of Agile Scrum Kanban software helps in planning the activities of the teams, in creating the frameworks for scoping the project, utilizing the project resources, and minimizing the risks of the project. 

Sinnaps, an online project management tool is an Agile project management tool useful for teams in executing their agile software development activities. It promotes the right synergy among the team through effective communication and collaboration. 

It enables the team to work together in real-time and enhance their productivity in the process. Also, it is embedded with Kanban boards which allow the team to gain an insight into the overview of the project activities to ensure effective proper management.

Also, it aids the team in calculating the critical path of the project by using the dependencies of tasks of the project thereby assisting them in meeting their deadlines.



Agile Scrum Kanban: Have an Understanding of these Agile Methodologies


According to a report by Standish Group, 66% of technological projects always fail and in their bid to guard against project failure in software development projects; project teams embrace Agile principles to create an environment that promotes the continuous delivery of functioning software to the end-users. 

It promotes effective collaboration among the team and ensures flexibility in the management of changes that could arise in the project.

Furthermore, Project management institute (PMI) reported that 71% of organizations are using Agile approaches in their project management. It helps in creating a framework that improves the thinking and decision-making ability of the entire team.  


agile methodology


On its own, Scrum creates a framework that allows the software development team to innovatively address complex problem productively and deliver products that offer the right value to the customer. Scrum empowers the team with the capacity to adapt to different situations and to change the product requirements during software development. 

In Kanban , you are offered a project management tool that aims to deliver the product on time without overloading the team members. Kanban is similar to Scrum in terms of delivering maximum value to the customers at the end, but it is more flexible than Scrum.


Agile Kanban Dashboard


Trello Kanban vs Sinnaps Kanban


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Kanban involves the use of Kanban board for enhanced project management, the Kanban board has columns that depict the stages of work and tasks. By combining Agile Scrum and Kanban, it will result in better performance of the software development team to deliver working software. 

Agile project management with Kanban helps the software development team in maximizing efficiency, predictability, quality, and value thereby enabling the customers to have a great value for their money.

In reality, every project manager desires to develop a project quickly with greater efficiency. Agile Scrum Kanban is based on an Agile manifesto which will allow you and your team to practice the following in your activities!

  • To value individuals and the interaction between them
  • To value operating software 
  • To value collaboration with clients 
  • To assess responses to change 

By adhering to these Agile manifestos, the project management team is afforded the opportunity of achieving the goals of the project through continuous and easily measured processes that collaboratively integrate participants and tools.

Also, they will focus their attention on the needs of the end-users and at the same time entertain their feedback to share the same value with them. 


All about Scrum


Scrum Kanban Board


As a tool, Scrum enables the project teams to organize their work into small and manageable pieces that can be done by the cross-functional team within a specified timeframe known as Scrum sprint which is always between 2 – 4 weeks. 

Scrum board provides a visual representation of the workflow broken down into manageable chunks called stories. On the Scrum board, each story moves along the board from the backlog into work-in-progress and then to completion.

 The Scrum team is using Kanban board for visual management of their project to enable them to deliver on time by prioritizing their tasks. Kanban board assists software development team in organizing their work for proper efficiency.

 It creates visibility into the work as it progresses through effective workflow management. By visualizing your work on the Kanban board, nothing is left out in the course of executing the project. In Kanban example, the project team uses the Kanban to visualize the workflow through the processes involved in the project.

Sinnaps has Kanban boards that can be used in gaining an overview of what should be done in a project. Also, you can create boards for each of the projects that you need to undertake and also create the lists of what you need for your project to aid effective planning.


Social Kanban Dashboard for Agile Project Management (2′)



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Another example is Trello, on Trello Kanban ; you can set up a series of lists that depict the different steps that a task is required to undergo to be completed. Also, the lists can be named in order of areas of priority and sensitivities to time. 

In comparing Kanban vs. Scrum , Kanban does not have predefined Scrum roles for a team while Scrum team members usually have a predefined role. Also, in Kanban , products and processes are delivered continuously when needed while in a Scrum , deliverables are determined by sprints. 

Kanban allows changes to be made to a project during the period of execution thereby giving room for iterations and continuous improvement before the completion of the project while Scrum allows change during the sprint.

In sprint planning Kanban , the team is allowed to decide to plan when they run of backlog items. It integrates planning when the backlog items are completed and then plan for the new items. 


All about Kanban Board


Scrum Kanban together


The question on the minds of most people is that can Scrum and Kanban work together? In reality, both methodologies can effectively complement one another to aid the project management team to carry out a great job. 

Scrum assists the team in managing the delivery of new functions to boost the efficiency of the particular workflow of the project. By combining it with Kanban framework, the team will be able to fill the void left by the Scrum methodology. 

According to the professional Scrum with Kanban, Scrum Kanban together will ensure transparency and effective flow of the project activities; hence project teams are empowered with agility in terms of effectiveness in the delivery of a product that satisfies the need of the customer. 

Also, Scrum Kanban together saves the team a lot of time. However, the task of using Scrum Kanban together should be preceded by clearly setting up the specification of working-in-progress, defining workflow, and making a plan to execute the project. 

Sequel to this is the execution of the project’s plan. You can get this done by adding a new column as a buffer. Also, you can increase the work-in-progress by a small amount. After this, you will be able to fill in all gaps and decide the areas that need to be fine-tuned.

 Without mincing words, Scrum Kanban together will improve the effectiveness of the software development team.


Example of Agile Scrum Planning Tool



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Kanban for Scrum Master


Scrum Master is responsible for facilitating the activities of the Agile development team. The Scrum master coaches the development team and the product owner to ensure that the goal of a project is achieved. 

The Scrum master is always multitasking in his operations and is required to have an in-depth understanding of the work being done by the team, motivate them to ensure that the team members adhere to the Scrum processes and work with them continuously to improve them.

The following are the roles of the Scrum Master:

  • He facilitates the team meetings including the daily stand-up
  • He seeks to deliver maximum value to the customer

However, in his bid to ensure the success of the project, the Scrum master always encounters challenges in managing role expectation, change resistance, keeping everything within the specific timeframe, handling urgent change request, and managing distributed teams. 

The integration of Kanban by Scrum master improves his performance by ensuring an effective workflow of the project. The Scrum master will see how the activities are going on the Kanban board thereby ensuring that no task is left out.

Also, Kanban helps in the facilitation of the change and continuous improvement activities through the collection of the necessary data about the work items on the Kanban board and discussing it extensively with the team. 

Kanban board online offers the project team a reliable and efficient electronic tool for improving the productivity and visual project management. 

For example, Sinnaps allows you to plan the tasks and activities of your project and spread them in the form of a content calendar to enhance the visualization of what the team needs to do and when to get them done.



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