Kanban is a methodology used for managing projects focusing on continual delivery while avoiding overloading the project team. A task management application that incorporates Kanban is very effective for project management for this reason. In this article, we will go over the benefits of Kanban planning, the Sinnaps Kanban wall and the widespread Kanban software development.


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Scrum and Kanban Board Online


The Kanban board was traditionally used in the form of a whiteboard and sticky notes. This was because technology that allows you to do everything online was not yet developed. Thanks to modern technology and the internet, it is easy to find a Kanban board app that allows you to apply the benefits of this methodology to your projects from one place online.

Scrum and Kanban Board online options such as Sinnaps project management software allow you to plan out your project tasks and activities and to spread them across a content calendar format, making it easier for team members to visualise what needs to be done and when. Using a Kanban online tool also allows you to safely store your project’s information if the app is cloud-based such as Sinnaps.

Kanban Board Online

Trello Kanban vs Sinnaps Kanban


The Best Kanban App


Choosing the best Kanban tool for your projects is important. Sinnaps online project management software offers you an effective version of the Kanban tool that is easy-to-use, interactive and most importantly, easy to learn. A lot of project teams often waste time in learning how to use an agile board online. This time could be spent managing and getting the project work completed. For this reason, Sinnaps Kanban board is very efficient and allows your project team to be more productive.

Each of the project tasks laid out on the Agile Scrum Kanban board tool can be validated once completed so that all team members are aware of continuous progress. Communication is key in project management and Sinnaps offers various communicative tools in the app such as the project wall and live in-chat features where team members can talk and resolve any doubts.


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Sub tasks can also be easily organised and managed as part of the main activities of the project. Sub tasks allow you to break down bigger and more complex tasks so that it is easier for team members to complete.

Automatic weekly updates are also sent to all team members involved in the project updating them on the project progress in percentage terms. They also advise individuals on their own work, how they are doing and if anything requires specific attention.


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Project Management Tools and Techniques


Kanban Software Development


An offline Kanban board such as the traditional physical version has been used for many years and in very successful companies such as Toyota. This demonstrates its importance and beneficial value to project management. Software such as Sinnaps incorporates Kanban best practices to add value to the projects that you are carrying out.

Kanban is essentially a framework used to implement agile software development. Real-time communication is key in Kanban and agile and the work to be completed as part of a project should be transparent. The Kanban board provide an effective visualisation of the work, its order and who is assigned to the tasks as part of the project. This allows team members to have continuous access to an updated to-do list, meaning that work constantly progresses.





Kanbanflow App


A Kanban project management tool such as Sinnaps allows team members to follow the planned workflow of projects. Careful planning is essential to project management. Sinnaps is an inclusive and interactive tool that stimulates collaboration and communication for project teams. Team members can be involved at every stage of planning and have access to a platform in which they can resolve doubts, have discussions and let the team know when their tasks has been completed; making it a very useful tool for decentralised project teams and the best Kanban software to use.

Using a teamboard software such as Sinnaps will allow you to take advantage of all that a Kanban board offers to project management while also providing you with various extra tools to further increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your projects. Get Kanban savvy today with Sinnaps and let us know what you think in the comments below! 😊


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