Every project manager strives to avoid lack of organization among their project teams, missing out on their deadlines, communication slip-ups, and not attaining the desired level of productivity in their projects.


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These challenges, if not well managed during the process of executing a project could lead to the failure of the project thereby making your clients have a bad impression about you as a project manager.

In reality, it is not always easy to overcome these challenges in your project management efforts. However, your success as a project manager is centered on your approach to project management. Agile project management with Kanban offers you the right approach that will help you in overcoming the challenges of your project.

Agile project management with Kanban is the tool that will enable you to be on top of your game by ensuring that you and your project team are well-organized by visualizing your tasks and keeping your project in one place to ensure the effective agile risk management of your project and achieve the desired outcome from your project.

No doubt, your clients expect you to deliver their projects to them on time and on budget and have their expectations met in terms of specified quality and guarding against wastage of resources.

As a project manager, look no further, the task of fulfilling all these will be made simple by embracing agile project management with Kanban. It will help you in beating competition thereby making you the preferred project manager for the assignment of your clients.

Sinnaps, an online project management tool will help you in carrying out your project with agile project management with Kanban. It is embedded with Agile Scrum Kanban boards to ensure the proper management of your project by visualizing how the activities of tasks are being executed.


Trello Kanban vs Sinnaps Kanban


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It supports comprehensive agile sprint planning which allows you to manage your work by balancing the right demands with available capacity and guarding against wastage in the use of the project’s resources. Furthermore, it aids effective communication among the stakeholders and helps in removing the bottlenecks of their project.

Furthermore, as an agile tool, it will carefully filter the activities of the project by the user with the Kanban board feature in it. Also, it can be used in the simulation of the processes of your activities and will determine the critical path of your activities thereby enhancing your ability to achieve the desired results from your project.


All about Kanban Board


Agile Project Management with Kanban


Agile project management with Kanban will assist you in addressing the complexities in your project in a unique manner through a visual image to enhance effective project management.

Kanban agile framework usually respects the current organizational status, titles, and hierarchies; it only improves on it with Kanban practices which are always achieved by visualizing the work, limit work in progress, and managing the workflow effectively.



Lesson 3. Work realistically: how to go from ideal to realistic planning

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Also, it helps to establish the feedback system that will take into consideration the opinions of your clients, it assists in the creation of explicit policies to manage your project and improve your team collaboration through constant improvement.

Agile project management with Kanban allows you to handle different projects in one board while focusing on workflow, completing your tasks and minimizing resources wastage. It enables you to capture and measure all the tasks involved in your project to achieve the desired productivity.

You are assured of having a project team that is well organized and never miss out on deadlines of your project because you have information about your deadlines at a glance. Also, you will be able to prioritize tasks and track the number of days left on each task from the Kanban boards.



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Furthermore, agile project management with Kanban helps in assigning tasks and communicating the goals of your project with your team members thereby ensuring proper communication that will aid quality delivery to your clients on time.

Also, it allows you to concentrate on the important tasks by filtering the boards to display the stages of tasks of the project. It allows you to be consistent by enforcing workflow processes that ensure the team completes the tasks in accordance with the right policies.

Again, you are afforded the opportunity of keeping the track of the activities of your project by effectively tracking the time and you can measure the metrics of your project and evaluate the performance of your project in case there is a need for adjustment.

Furthermore, agile development Kanban offers you a Kanban agile framework that is flexible for creating the ideal workflow to execute your project with ease.


Easy workflow with Sinnaps


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Lean Kanban Agile


Lean Kanban agile approach allows you to have an understanding of the customer value and maintain your focus to improve on it continuously. The aim of Lean Kanban agile is to provide the best value to the customer through a value creation process that has no room for wastage.

Lean Kanban agile approach visually assists the project team to communicate properly on the work to be done. It creates a process that helps in waste reduction and maximizes the value to the customers.

Lean Kanban agile approach is centered on the following:

  • Determine value from the standpoint of the customer by family.
  • Identify the steps in the value stream for product family and eliminating the steps that do not offer value.
  • It helps in making the steps that provide value to customers to occur in a close sequence for the product to flow perfectly toward the customer.
  • When the flow is introduced, customers are allowed to pull value from the next upstream activity.
  • When the value is specified, the value streams are identified and the wasted steps are always eliminated.


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Agile Project Management Kanban


Agile project management Kanban assists project managers in managing the flow of tasks as they work toward their shared goals and objectives with their team members.


Agile project management with Kanban


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With agile project management Kanban, you have a method that will properly keep track of your documents, vital information about your tasks and have them easily accessible when needed.

The use of agile project management Kanban will help in solving the hardest tasks of your project by creating an effective workflow to get them done. Furthermore, agile project management Kanban will enable you and your project team to do only what is needed, when it is needed and the amount needed to be done and eliminating wasteful work, inconsistencies, and unnecessary requirements.

Also, agile project management Kanban makes your processes more effective and enhances the productivity of your team. It allows you to have workflow processes that are very transparent and can be monitored by the team members to see the work done in each task of the project. This helps you and your team in maintaining focus without exceeding their capacity.

While comparing agile with Scrum, Kanban, and waterfall, Waterfall works for the projects completed in a linear fashion and does not allow going back to an early phase. Agile focuses on adaptive, simultaneous workflow by breaking projects into smaller iterative periods, while Kanban is centered on creating process improvements, scrum is always concerned with getting more work done quickly.

Agile methodologies scrum Kanban combine the hybrids of Scrum and Kanban. Agile development Scrum Kanban has been embraced by some project teams to undertake their projects.

Also, Kanban agile software helps in providing visual process management systems for the effective management of software development projects. Kanban in agile development is useful in managing and improving work across human systems.

Kanban development for agile teams will help project management teams in maximizing their efficiency by providing a visual aid to manage their workflow on the Kanban board and enhancing their productivity in the process.

Besides, Agile software development life cycle embraces agile management principles in the development of technology by enabling the agile team to break down the lengthy requirements of the projects, build and test phases down into smaller components and assisting the team in delivering working software rapidly.

Sinnaps will help project management teams in achieving optimum efficiency and productivity with the Kanban boards that will allow you to manage the workflow of the project effectively thereby aiding them in the achievement of the desired results from their projects.


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