The professional Scrum Master role is a particular role in the team that is mainly responsible and is related to agile values and principles, following the processes and practices that the team decided to use at the beginning. If you want to know how to become a scrum master, you need to be able to know the answer to the question “What does a scrum master do?” Know that the responsibilities and scrum master tasks include:

  • Clearing obstacles
  • Establishing a team environment where everyone can be effective
  • Ensuring that team dynamics are in order
  • Maintaining a good relation between the team, others outside the team and the product owner.
  • Preventing outside interruptions and distractions from affecting the team, protecting them from the problems it may bring.


Scrum Master Role


Being able to do all of this is the first part of understanding how to be a scrum master. Despite all this the role does not actually have much authority meaning that the scrum master role needs to approach things from a position of influence. Sinnaps, project management software, would effectively help with the scrum master role through its excellent communication features and tools, and would allow scrum master to be manage scrum team roles.


Agile Scrum Master


Agile scrum master is generally the name used to refer to this role, but it has a couple of other synonyms such as iteration manager, agile coach, and team coach. An agile scrum master is the facilitator for an agile development team, while scrum is a methodology that allows a team to self-organise and make changes quickly which are in-line with the principles of the agile approach.

Meanwhile, the team evaluates what is working effectively, what went wrong, and what could be improved on. That is how sprint retrospective works.

The scrum master deals with the process for the information exchange and how it is handled, making sure that it is done effectively and in-line with the principles of the agile methodology.

Here, you can find a Scrum planning:



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Scrum Master Salary


Scrum master salaries pay a considerably well, with a median of between 35000 and 40,000 euros per annum, according to Payscale. When taking into consideration the skills that you may have for the job coupled with experience, this number can go higher and even beyond 45,000 euros.


Scrum Product Owner Role


The scrum product owner role is typically that of being an individual whose responsibilities relate to having the vision of what they want to build and correctly conveying and relaying that to the vision they have in mind to the scrum team in way they can properly understand and therefore execute so that their vision is realised and expectations are met. This is essential and can be considered the ‘key’ to starting any agile software development project.

The scrum product owner does much of this through the product backlog, which is essentially a prioritised features list for the product meaning a list of criteria and specifications that the scrum team should follow and adhere to so that the scrum product owner is able to fulfil his role and realise his vision.


Backlog Example with Sinnaps


backlog example


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Although the scrum product owner gives out information and specifications, the team members select the amount of work they feel comfortable doing and that they can actually do during each sprint along with deciding how many sprints are actually required.

The product owner also does not give out direct orders for how much work can be done; this is also left up to the discretion of the scrum team themselves; the scrum product owner’s job has more to do with motivating the team with a clearly understood and laid out product goal, which should also elevate them.


It Scrum Manager


IT Scrum Manager refers to scrum manager in an IT based position meaning that they carry out all the Scrum roles, duties and tasks that a scrum master would generally be assigned to within an Information Technology (IT) department. In comparison to other types of scrum managers, the fundamental principles stay the same:

  • Follow agile principles
  • Ensure that the team stays on course and focused on the task at hand
  • Keeping their approaches and work ethic in line with that is realistically and reliable achievable in the period of time that they have and aiming to reach that criteria
  • Allowing them to reach consensuses and follow the agreed-upon rules and methodology that comes with the agile process


Scrum Master Responsibilities List


The scrum master has a variety of responsibilities in their role as there are many scrum master skills, these include:

  • Helping the team reach a consensus and understanding for what is achievable within a very specific period of time
  • Helping the team to reach consensuses during daily scrums
  • Ensuring they stay focused
  • Follow agreed-upon rules which adhere to the scrum methodology and philosophy
  • Removing obstacles that get in the way and delay the progress of the team
  • Protecting them from the distractions of the outside

There are many aspects to the scrum master vs product owner roles, with it having a variety of responsibilities tasks and duties coming along with it, making it a crucial, important and significant part of the team in any agile methodology.

With the information in this article you should have a clear idea on how exactly the scrum methodology works and relates to the rest of the team and how they carry out their responsibilities, tasks and duties so that everything works as intended, enabling the team to stay consistent, focused and away from the many potential distractions that they may be exposed to.

Being able to use excellent and well-made software like Sinnaps to manage all of this can be extremely helpful when considering all the responsibilities that not only the scrum manager/master has to take care of, but also the scrum product owner and the responsibilities, duties and requirements that come with their role too, if they hope to achieve it in the desired time frame.



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