Scrum IT development, as a software product development strategy is a critical framework for organizing software developers and getting them to reach common project goal – which in this case is the development and building of a ready-to-use product.


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Is Scrum IT Only for Software Development?


Scrum is a widely used subset of Agile software development, and serves as a framework for managing knowledge work. While it was basically developed for software and development teams for Scrum programming and coding, it has gained wide acceptance in other non-software development fields including business.

Built to increase efficiency of software teams, Scrum IT works by gathering all members of a team and having them work together in such a manner as to address complex problems.

Talking about solving problems, lets pause to look at some Scrum software development examples including some of the most versatile and free daily scrum software available free online: Sinnaps online project management software is a versatile software with unique set of features that make Scrum IT in software engineering and Scrum values implementation just as painless.


Agile Kanban Dashboard based on Scrum Methodology

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asana vs slack vs sinnaps



Others include Wrike, Hootsuite, Buffer, Todoist and more. Your can find here more scrum online tools. Besides, here, some examples of software development project management tools, which are useful for agile time-track their activities.

Scrum software development process usually starts with the team collecting a list of items to make a scrum sprint backlog. To work on the items on the product backlog, Scrum relies on a concept called sprints, which are periods of time when the team meets to actually carry out software development. Your can find them in this Scrum Planning.


project implementation plan template


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This period typically lasts for a period between a week and a month. And when the team completes work on the product backlog item, it simply chooses another item to begin work on. This cycle continues until the project deadline is met, or the budget spent.


Example of backlog:


backlog example


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All about Scrum


Scrum IT Development Team Responsibilities


Ever wondered who the members of a Scrum team are?

In the Scrum IT framework, much like in any other enterprise, there are Scrum roles and responsibilities for each member of the development team. Let’s look at the various Scrum development team responsibilities.

  • The product owner

The product owner in a Scrum IT development team is typically the project’s key stakeholder. While representing the customer, the product owner is able to prioritize product backlog as well as coordinate Scrum teamwork. This person is usually would have a solid understanding of the product, users as well as the complexity and competition of the market place.

  • The Scrum master

While this is not the role of a manager, the Scrum master is present to ensure compliance of the team with Scrum rules. As a facilitator of the development team, it is the Scrum master’s responsibility to manage the nitty-gritties of how information is exchanged.

  • The Scrum team

These consist of the collection of individuals who work together to deliver the required product increment. As part of efforts to ensure effective collaboration within the Scrum engineering development team, all Scrum team members are required to adhere to a set of goals, rules as well as respect each other. This collaboration diagram example can help you.

To help teams deliver the highest possible performance, Scrum teams must go through certain phases including forming, storming, norming and finally performing.


Scrum in Software Engineering


Scrum IT in software engineering has come to stay. As a software application development framework, Scrum anticipates the need for flexibility and factors-in a level of pragmatism into the development of new products while making use of continuous testing to avoid bottlenecks in the delivery of workable software.

Another approach is Scrum (xp) extreme programming which aims to help managers and software engineers produce not only higher quality software, but also advocates higher quality of life for development teams.

Another scrum in software engineering model, is the Scrum SDLC model (Software Life Cycle Development Model). It comes into play the moment it is decided to develop a new product.

Due to increased popularity of Scrum IT in software engineering, as well as Scrum IT based development, a lot of software have cropped up and consequently proclaim themselves the best Scrum based software.



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However, you’d agree that the standard for choosing the best Scrum software should hinge entirely on the fact that it suits your project needs. Sinnaps has continued to take the burden of inefficiency and effectiveness away from managers and development teams. With features to provide quick view of project status, monitor tasks and project progress, resolve issues with elaborate management functionality, prepare progress report, manage project risks as well as prioritize, it’ll definitely be a decision in the right direction to adopt same for your project.


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