The major reasons why project managers experience failure in their scrum planning activities are the inability to manage unrealistic expectations, mismanagement of backlog and over-planning of sprints.


Scrum Planning Tool


No doubt, these will result in loss of productivity, time, and money thereby causing them not to accomplish the goals and objectives of their sprint planning efforts. Without mincing words, sprint planning is the core of scrum project because it has a huge influence on the outcome of the entire project.

In reality, the success of your project is based on your ability to deliver on the tasks you are committed to during the sprint planning phase. Hence it is very important for you to carefully carry out your scrum sprint planning with the right scrum online tools to guarantee the success of your project.

Scrum planning tool is the ideal tool that can aid you in doing your sprint planning to avoid failure in your agile software development plan. A Scrum planning tool will assist in developing your sprint plans painstakingly to ensure effective collaboration among the product owner, the scrum master, and the development group committed to undertaking the tasks.

Furthermore, scrum planning tool has an ease of use feature and boosts effective communication among the stakeholders during the process of sprint planning.

Sinnaps, an online project management tool can be used as a Scrum planning tool to develop your sprints. It has different templates that can be easily customized to execute your sprint planning.


gantt chart example


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It will also help in the effective management of your project workload by splitting them into smaller bits that can be conveniently managed by you and your members. You can find here more Workload Planning Tools.

Again, it will determine the critical path of your activities and help you in meeting the deadlines of every task of your project. Furthermore, as a tool, it is capable of determining the slack of activity to know the duration that an activity can be delayed without disrupting the duration of the project.



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All about Scrum


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Scrum Planning Tool


The use of Scrum planning tool will assist in setting and managing the expectations of the sprint plans by ensuring proper communication between the product owner and other stakeholders.

Also, it offers the stakeholders real-time access to the status of a project with the centralized dashboards that will keep them updated on the completed and pending tasks.

As a scrum planning tool, Scrum planning tool will allow the stakeholders involved in product development to share key project and performance metrics by estimating what can be completed during a sprint by tracking its performance in burndown and velocity charts.

Also, Scrum planning tool assists in prioritization of the product backlog during the sprint planning meeting. The stakeholders will be allowed to prioritize the product features that they will build first by prioritizing the features with story points.


Backlog with Sinnaps


backlog example


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Through this, the stakeholders can estimate the complexity and effort required to build the feature. This will help them in identifying the features that require the least cost or effort that will determine the user stories that will be prioritized in a sprint.

The use of Scrum planning tool helps in a better understanding of product requirement by giving an insight into the value of the feature for users. Scrum planning tool also helps in guarding against spending too much time in sprint planning meeting by ensuring that the stakeholders are well prepared for the sprint planning meetings.


Simple Kanban Dashboard for your team


Kanban Board Example


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It allows the product owner to share key project information like the product backlog to other stakeholders to know what will be discussed in the meeting. Also, as a project planning and tracking tool, it can track their schedule and avoid unnecessary meetings thereby saving them a lot of time that will be used on important tasks.


Daily Scrum Excel planning tool: export you project



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Agile Planning Tools


In reality, managing agile projects can be difficult at times and causing the project managers to be overwhelmed in the course of undertaking their projects. However, agile planning tools usually help in developing effective plans that will be used to manage and coordinate the activities of agile projects.

As a project manager, to fail to plan is to plan to fail. The integration of agile planning tools into your project will allow you to properly manage every task of the project effectively with the task lists. It is agile planning software that allows you and your members to collaborate and communicate effectively while undertaking the project.

Agile planning tools aid in sharing the task lists, feedback and assignment to ensure the success of the project

Also, they are software development planning tools that help in designing agile software development plan.  Agile planning for software product requires comprehensive planning that will ensure that the goals of the project are met.

Agile project planning tools will promote time tracking of your project activities and generate the report of the progress of your project to the relevant stakeholders. You can easily identify the potential obstacles that could hinder your project and proffer the necessary solution with the tools.

Roadmap: Track all of your projects with Sinnaps




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Also, they help in evaluating the performance of the projects to determine if everything is going according to plan. Also, agile planning tools will assist you in achieving stand up meeting automation, effective release management and sprint retrospective analysis to ensure effective agile project management.

Sinnaps is an example of an agile planning tool that can be used as agile planning software to achieve the objectives of your agile projects because it can be easily used. Other examples are Clarizen, ZenHub, Jira, and GitScrum.


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Sprint Planning Software


Sprint planning software can be used in carrying out sprint planning collaboratively among the Scrum Master, Product Owner, and the project development group. Sprint planning software is scrum planning software that ensures effective communication among the stakeholders involved in the development of a product.

It allows product owners to properly clarify the details of the product backlog items and the necessary requirements needed to develop the product. It improves the understanding of the Scrum Master and development group on how to size the backlog items properly.

Also, the task of splitting the user stories into smaller pieces is simplified by sprint planning software. It is an agile sprint planning tool that assists in the process of calculating a commitment by using the combination of availability and velocity.

It determines the velocity by summing the story point estimates of the completed and accepted work from the past sprint. Again, sprint planning software can easily track the velocity of the project over time and allow the stakeholders to focus more on the output.


Track the velocity of the project with this panel based in Earned Value Management




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It can also determine the capacity so as to know the number of hours in the days of work, the number of days the sprint will be ready and the percentage of time that will be dedicated to the project in order to achieve a product that will meet the required expectations.

Sprint planning tools free can be used by small project management group to undertake their sprint planning meeting for free. Sinnaps is available for free. Others are Jira, Gitscrum, and Vivify Scrum.  

Furthermore, it is imperative for you to integrate release planning tools while undertaking a Scrum project to manage the release plan of the project. Release planning tools will serve as the project’s map, offering context and directive on the goals, visions, and expectations of the product.

In Sinnaps, you have a great tool that can be used in undertaking your sprint planning meeting, it will properly manage the product backlog in a manner that will meet the requirements and the expectations of the product.


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