Scrum dashboards can add value to your organization and improve team productivity and business performance in no small way. And while they are not an automatic guarantee for project success in any way, they serve as key indicators in ways that allow project managers, businesses and teams to visualize and evaluate project progress as well as assess individual contributions to them. 


scrum dashboard


Digital scrum dashboards in Sinnaps online project management, a scrum methodology-based tool, helps businesses and delivery teams to continually adapt their work processes while providing visibility and business intelligence regarding overall flow of work to help them remain competitive. With different tools for different metrics; Agile Scrum charts, Agile metrics dashboards, Scrum checklist, Scrum sprint dashboards and a host of others,  successful managers rely on it for precise, working information regarding the state of the business.


Digital Scrum Dashboard


Digital Scrum dashboards and agile scrum boards are a good way to manage product project development from start to finish, provide summaries on different aspects of project endeavours, tracking workflow to ease the process of daily harmonisation. With agile Scrum cards, diagrams, Scrum board columns and the likes, it becomes really easy to see at a glance the direction of flow of the entire project and serves as a pointer to understanding the changing needs of the business as well as reconcile these needs with that of the users whom the business is intended to serve. This way, users can easily see how the project is faring by comparing key performance indices right from the Scrum panel. 

When different teams carry out their different tasks, there ought to be a way to reconcile their findings, reports and a host of other business data in such a way that will enable the management undertake a collective decision to move the business forward, using this critical information. 


Scrum Planning

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All about Scrum


Agile Scrum Overview


Business and project endeavours are often more complicated than they seem, and it becomes increasingly difficult to remain organized in such a way that will lead to achievement of business objectives. When tasks are not properly planned, priorities become misplaced, resulting eventually to time wasted, money lost and substandard project deliverables. To forestall the possibilities of project failure, the Agile system for managing projects was introduced. Let us try take a look at project management from the Agile Scrum overview.

Scrum is an Agile framework for managing projects with scrum values that allow for self-organization of teams as well as rapid iteration on collaborative plans. With Scrum flow charts, scrum whiteboards that fosters a situation where waste is eliminated from the process as much as possible, helping teams focus on the most important work.


Agile Kanban Dashboard


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Agile Dashboard Excel Template


If you’re looking to implement Scrum methodology in your business, and do not know how to make a scrum board in Excel, then you can make use of Sinnaps Agile dashboard excel template for your scrum projects. Our Scrum templates will help you implement Scrum with your business, marketing teams, offering a better way to plan your projects in advance. Quickly grab your Agile dashboard Excel template and begin to enjoy all the benefits that come with it.


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Scrum Sprint Dashboard


As a very important aspect of the Agile Scrum methodology, the success of a project enterprise therefore depends largely on how effective the sprint sessions are. Therefore, sprints must be closely and effectively monitored to ensure its activities and decisions are in line with the project objectives.

Sinnaps Scrum sprint dashboard offers an even better way to stay on top of your sprint sessions as well as offer sprint retrospective examples for improved results. With this, you can easily see that your team is on track and are working in a direction which will facilitate delivery of promised goods. 



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Now that you know the importance of Scrum dashboards, you would want to ensure you adopt and implement only the best tools for your business. The Sinnaps Scrum dashboard is especially well suited to businesses and projects not only because it makes it possible for you to see the right information at the right time, but also because just like Kanban boards online, it tailors the information it displays according to the needs of users, with simple user-interface to help even the Scrum team with the least IT knowledge. This way, all eventual problems are easily detected and steps put in place to resolve them quickly. 


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